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$1,000 Face Value Bag of 90% Silver US Coins

NOTE: Due to overwhelming demand, supply is extremely limited and delays of 5-7 days are common. Please call 1-800-928-6468 for live updates and recommendations for alternatives if necessary.

Each bag will consist of circulated dimes or quarters struck prior to 1965. The benefit of what some refer to as “Junk Silver” is the low premium over the silver spot price along with the added benefit of fractional, or small-sized, silver coins. Each dime contains .07234 ounces and each quarter contains .18084 ounces of 90% pure silver.

Junk silver coins have been a top choice over the past several decades for both silver investors and those wanting coins ideal for barter in an emergency situation.

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The $1,000 represents the total face value of the coins while the silver weight is about 715-oz. Orders will be fulfilled with bags of dimes or quarters. If you have a preference for dimes, quarters, or even half dollars please give us a call at 1-800-928-6468.

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