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2nd Century B.C. Thracian Gold Stater | NGC | CHAU | 5x3

Looking for a truly rare, high-end gold ancient that you don't see often?  Have a look at this 2nd to 1st Century B.C. Thracian gold stater...this remarkably high quality example has been graded by NGC in Choice About Uncirculated condition and the coin shown is the exact coin you will receive.

In ancient times, the "horn of Ammon" was used in imagery to depict a level of godliness to the recipient--in this case, Alexander the Great's portrait also has horns on the head.  This is a remarkably rare coin that is seldom seen in higher grades than this one.  On the reverse, the goddess Athena can be seen holding Nike, the goddess of Victory.  Excellent coin for the money and only one available.

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Horned Head of Alexander the Great is shown on the Obverse.
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