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Egyptian Empire

ancient coin buyers guidePtolemy was one of Alexander the Great’s most beloved generals. After Alexander’s death in 323 B.C., Ptolemy was appointed satrap (governor) of Egypt. In 305 B.C. he declared himself King Ptolemy I and ruled over the Egyptians as a pharaoh. The Ptolemaic dynasty lasted until the Romans defeated them in 30 B.C. Coinage of the Ptolemaic dynasty was impressive and beautiful and struck in gold, silver, and bronze. Download Your Free Ancient Coin Report

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  • Ptolemy IX Silver Tetradrachm NGC About Uncirculated 4x3

    For some reason, silver coinage from the latter part of the Ptolemaic Dynasty has a great overall appearance. This example is bright white and flashy, with an image of Ptolemy on the obverse in lifelike fashion. The facial features and hair are quite intricate, indeed. For the price, this near-mint condition example should not be overlooked. Very nice. Learn More

  • Ptolemy I Gold Hemidrachm NGC Choice Extremely Fine

    These Ptolemaic gold hemidrachms are extremely rare coins in any condition today due to their small size and infrequent auction appearances. This particular example has a wonderful overall look with great detail, depicting Ptolemy I on the obverse and an eagle on the back. NGC Ancients notes this coin was at some point mounted in jewelry, however, this distinction makes this example extremely affordable. The last one we had was similar in grade yet brought nearly $9K, so this one offers a lot of value for the low price. Learn More

  • Cleopatra VII Copper 80 Drachmae NGC Fine

    Ptolemaic Kingdom, Cleopatra VII, AE 80, Drachmae, NGC, Fine,Strike 4/5, Surface 4/5 Learn More

  • Ptolemaic Kingdom Ptolemy III, Gold Octodrachm, CH XF

    Absolutely stunning gold Octodrachm from the Ptolemaic Empire of Egypt that contains just under an ounce of pure gold. The obverse is memorable, featuring Ptolemy III facing right in lifelike fashion. The reverse of this and most octodrachms, features the cornucopia, reflecting the great wealth of Ancient Egypt at the time. Egyptian gold octodrachms are prominently featured in the book, the 100 Greatest Ancient coins. They are extremely desirable given their beauty and size. This particular example is very nice for the assigned grade and is highly recommended. Learn More

    Regular Price: $19,251.00

    Special Price $18,950.00

  • Ptolemaic Kingdom, Arsinoe II, Gold Octodrachm, XF

    This 2,250 year old gold ancient coin weighs just under a full ounce of gold and is known to be one of the most impressive of all ancients in terms of design and gold content. The obverse depicts Arsinoe II, veiled and facing right. The reverse shows a cornucopia, reflecting the vast wealth of ancient Egypt at the time. These impressive gold Octodrachms are prominently featured in the book, the 100 Greatest Ancient coins. Highly desirable and this particular example has received the coveted "fine style" designation from NGC, implying it to be of the highest quality and craftsmanship. Learn More

    Regular Price: $15,111.00

    Special Price $14,950.00

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