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Alexander the Great

Alexander the Great is considered one of history’s most successful military commanders! By the time he was thirty he controlled the largest empire the ancient world had ever seen. His reign lasted from 336 BC to 323 BC and even though he was still very young when he died he managed to connect and influence a vast area as never before.

Gold coins struck by Alexander are called gold staters and silver coins are called silver tetradrachms. These are some of the most well-known coins of the ancient world. He also issued a small amount of the impressive distaters, or double staters, that were thought to be used as payment to his most trusted soldiers.

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  • Alexander the Great Drachm NGC Choice Mint State Lifetime, Fine Style

    As of today, there have been NO coins graded higher by NGC Ancients for this beautiful issue struck during the rule of Alexander the Great. These intricate silver Drachms (pronounced 'drahms')were struck over 2,300 years ago and have been preserved in an immaculate state, with crisp strikes and a remarkable overall look. Each coin has been awarded the Fine Style designation by NGC, implying it to be of the highest artistic quality. The obverse depicts Hercules with a lion-scalp helmet and the reverse features Zeus atop a throne holding an eagle, with various symbols, some mintmarks. If you're looking for a remarkable Ancient at a surprisingly reasonable price, this is it. Learn More

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  • Alexander the Great Gold Stater NGC Choice Extremely Fine 4x3

    Alexander the Great is without question one of the most notable figures of ancient history and as such coins issued under his thirteen year reign are incredibly desirable today. Most survivors today are quite worn, as they were issued over 2,300 years ago and widely circulated.

    The obverse features Athena, the Goddess of War, and the Goddess of Victory, Nike, is seen on the reverse. Learn More

  • Alexander the Great Silver Tetradrachm NGC About Uncirculated 5x3 Fine style

    This Alexander the Great Tetradrachm is fully original with highly detailed design motifs and excellent overall color--and has a fine style designation from NGC Ancients. Alexander is known as the most famous general in history and coins bearing his likeness, particularly those in such a high grade, are very desirable in today's marketplace. The strike on this particular example is noteworthy. Learn More

  • Alexander the Great Silver Hemidrachm NGC Very Fine

    Kingdom of Macedon, Alexander the Great, Silver Hemidrachm, NGC, Very Fine Learn More

  • Alexander the Great Silver Obol NGC Fine

    Kingdom of Macedon, Alexander III, Silver Obol, NGC, lifetime-early posthumous, Fine Learn More

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