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Top Recommended Ancient Coins

Here you will find some of our most interesting and beautiful ancient coins dating back thousands of years. Each of our Ancient Coin Picks has been graded by NGC, the top grading authority in the marketplace. If you can't find what you're looking for we will be happy to assist you with your ancient coin needs - just call us at 1-800-928-6468!

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  • Gordian III Bronze Sestertius NGC AU

    We were offered a small deal of about ten of these gorgeous Bronze Roman coins depicting emperor Gordian III from around 240 B.C. and didn't hesitate to buy them all. For the price, they are some of the best values in our inventory. They are large, round, beautiful coins with a gorgeous overall patina and fantastic eye appeal. Gordian III (238-244 A.D.) is shown on the obverse facing right in a regal glare. Coin depicted may not be the actual coin you received, however, you can expect very similar quality. We also have two coins available in Choice AU for only $50 more! Learn More

    Regular Price: $393.30

    Special Price $375.00

  • Marcus Aurelius Silver Denarius NGC Choice Mint State 5x4

    Flashy silver denarius of the famed Emperor, Marcus Aurelius. Overall, a choice and pleasing coin with a bold strike and even, shimmery surfaces. Only one grade below Gem--highly desirable and a good value in this condition. Coin shown is the exact coin you will receive. Learn More

    Regular Price: $1,782.00

    Special Price $1,690.00

  • Lydia Croesus Silver Half-Stater NGC Extremely Fine 5x2

    First silver coinage ever in human history circa 561 B.C. and very attractive for the grade. King Croesus of Lydia issued the "lion and Bull" staters until he was conquered by the Persian Empire. Choice example and very old, hard to believe it was struck two and a half millennia ago. Learn More

    Regular Price: $1,980.00

    Special Price $1,945.00

  • Hound of Cyzicus Electrum Stater NGC Extremely Fine 5x5

    Absolutely amazing coin and desirable by so many types of collectors, as far as we know this is the earliest depiction of a domesticated animal on human coinage. Struck around 2,550 years ago this17-gram electrum full stater depicts a hound running left in lifelike fashion atop the totem animal for Mysia, the tunny (tuna fish). If you're looking for an amazing piece of history and a truly rare artifact to put away for a while, this is a tough item to beat. We love the value found in the earliest of all coinage: electrum. Electrum is what coins were made of starting 650 B.C.--it is a naturally occurring mixture of gold and silver and could be found in and around streams and riverbeds. Learn More

    Regular Price: $9,042.00

    Special Price $8,775.00

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Are Ancient Coins Very Common?

Frequently, people contact us wanting to know if their Ancient Coins are rare and worth anything. We explain to them that today experienced collectors of ancient coins make sure that any rare ancient coins they collect are certified and authenticated by NGC Ancients ---the most reputable company for grading ancient coins.

If that sounds confusing to you… You can find out more about the history of ancient coins by requesting our 8-page ancient coin report. It not only contains knowledge to help give you a better understanding and solid foundation to better collect and trade ancient coins but also first-hand pictures with helpful descriptions.

There are collectible ancient coins dating back thousands of years… from the very first coins seen in Lydia, including those found during many of the great ancient empires that ruled the earth - including those during Alexander The Greats reign, throughout the era that Christ walked on earth and all the way up to the fall of the great Roman and Byzantine empires.

Feel free to talk to one of our Ancient Coin Advisors… They’re always happy to help assist you if you’re looking to purchase Ancient Coins or just need help finding the coin you’re looking for.

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