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Top Recommended Ancient Coins

Here you will find some of our most interesting and beautiful ancient coins dating back thousands of years. Each of our Ancient Coin Picks has been graded by NGC, the top grading authority in the marketplace. If you can't find what you're looking for we will be happy to assist you with your ancient coin needs - just call us at 1-800-928-6468!

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  • Tiberius Gold Aureus NGC Choice About Uncirculated 5x3

    This is an extremely high graded example of a gold aureus issued under Emperor Tiberius, who ruled from 14-37 A.D. He is considered the third of the so-called "Twelve Caesars" and his coinage has become synonymous with the Bible, as his silver coinage is thought to be the "Tribute Penny". The obverse depicts a portrait facing right and the reverse shows a goddess seated on a throne. NGC has noted "edge marks" on the holder, referring to light contact marks on the edges of the coin. Great coin for the price and historically very important. Learn More

  • Ptolemaic Kingdom, Arsinoe II, Gold Octodrachm, XF

    This 2,250 year old gold ancient coin weighs just under a full ounce of gold and is known to be one of the most impressive of all ancients in terms of design and gold content. The obverse depicts Arsinoe II, veiled and facing right. The reverse shows a cornucopia, reflecting the vast wealth of ancient Egypt at the time. These impressive gold Octodrachms are prominently featured in the book, the 100 Greatest Ancient coins. Highly desirable and this particular example has received the coveted "fine style" designation from NGC, implying it to be of the highest quality and craftsmanship. Learn More

    Regular Price: $15,111.00

    Special Price $14,950.00

  • Ptolemaic Kingdom Ptolemy III, Gold Octodrachm, CH XF

    Absolutely stunning gold Octodrachm from the Ptolemaic Empire of Egypt that contains just under an ounce of pure gold. The obverse is memorable, featuring Ptolemy III facing right in lifelike fashion. The reverse of this and most octodrachms, features the cornucopia, reflecting the great wealth of Ancient Egypt at the time. Egyptian gold octodrachms are prominently featured in the book, the 100 Greatest Ancient coins. They are extremely desirable given their beauty and size. This particular example is very nice for the assigned grade and is highly recommended. Learn More

    Regular Price: $19,251.00

    Special Price $18,950.00

  • Croesus Silver Full Stater NGC Choice Extremely Fine 5x3

    The first silver coin ever struck in human history nearly 2,600 years ago, this stunning full silver stater is one of the finest we've encountered. Issued in Lydia, or modern-day Turkey, it depicts the lion and bull design on the front, symbolizing strength and virility. Worn, unattractive examples trade for $5-$6,000 minimum, so we believe the premium on this high-end example is totally justifiable. Great coin for the money and without a doubt, museum quality in all regards. Learn More

    Regular Price: $9,044.00

    Special Price $8,895.00

  • Ionia Electrum 1/6th Stater NGC Mint State 5x4

    This is a remarkable coin struck around 500 B.C. that has been preserved in mint state condition. The obverse depicts a Corinthian soldier in lifelike form, and the coin itself has been preserved as if it were struck yesterday. Electrum coinage in such a high grade is highly desirable and very rare. Learn More

  • Diocletian BI Nummus NGC About Uncirculated

    Diocletain was a Roman Emperor from 284 to 305 A.D. From humble beginnings, he rose through the military ranks and became emperor of Rome, stabilizing the empire, marking the end of the Crisis of the Third Century. Due to illness, he resigned from rule in 305 yet his amazingly high-quality Bronze coins have survived the test of time. Each coin in this offering has been certified in About Uncirculated condition with remarkable detail on both the front and back of the coin. The obverse depicts a proud and strong bust of Diocletian facing right, and they are large--bigger than a modern silver half-dollar. If you're looking for a superb gift or great entry-point into the ancient coin market, these are tough to beat for the money. Learn More

    Regular Price: $178.25

    Special Price $169.00

  • Artaxerxes Gold Daric TY3 NGC Mint State

    Nearly 2,400 years ago this stunning, mint condition Persian Daric was struck and has been preserved in an attractive mint condition. It has a 4/5 strike and surfaces, along with a star for exceptional eye appeal. This is the "type 3" design, which depicts the Persian King advancing with bow and spear. Learn More

  • Justinian II Gold Solidus 2nd Reign NGC Mint State

    Clipped at the mint due to being overweight after being struck, this is a remarkable coin with incredible detail. It is the second depiction of Christ on a coin, second only to the first reign Justinian example from a decade prior. The obverse depicts a "younger" version of Christ. These are prominently listed in the 100 Greatest Ancient coins books. Learn More

  • Attica Owl Silver Tetradrachm NGC Choice About Uncirculated 5x4

    This amazing silver Ancient was struck over 2,400 years ago and has a remarkable overall look and eye appeal. The owl, as a symbol for wisdom, was the mascot of Athena, and frequently accompanies the goddess as this coin demonstrates. According to myth, Athena, goddess of wisdom and the patron goddess of Athens, even had the ability to take the form of an owl. The front of the coin features Athena, the goddess of wisdom and reason. The back depicts an owl, the totem bird of Athena. These are highly coveted by collectors and investors, particularly those with a bold, well-centered strike. Learn More

  • Ionia Aktaion Electrum 1/6 Stater NGC Extremely Fine

    Aktaion was a hero in ancient Greek mythology, similar to Achilles.

    Aktaion is pictured on this 2,400 year old electrum 1/6th stater with a lifelike portrait and flowing hair.

    The reverse depicts a gorgon, the dreaded creature of ancient mythology.

    This remarkable electrum 1/6th stater was struck over 2,400 years ago in Mytilene, a city on the ancient island of Lesbos.

    The artwork on these ancient staters demonstrates miniature engraving at its finest. We have never offered such a great variety of these coins, and certainly not at these prices. Supplies very limited. Learn More

    Regular Price: $1,350.00

    Special Price $1,295.00

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