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Marc Antony Silver Denarius NGC Choice Extremely Fine

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Marc Antony, the Triumvir, and Imperator (43-31 BC). This is the Legionary issue with the war galley under oar right with triple ram prow and scepter tied with fillet.

The legion represented on this coin was Legio VII Claudia... making it one of the oldest legions. The Legion marched with Julius Caesar throughout the Gallic Wars and played a crucial role in the Battle of Pharsalus in 48 BC. The unit remained to guard the Danube region until at least the end of the 4th century AD.

These are extremely rare coins in any condition and we have two examples only, both in choice extremely fine condition. Coin may or may not be the coin you receive but is indicative of the quality you can expect.

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Marc Antony, Silver Denarius, NGC, Choice Extremely Fine, Strike 3/5, Surface 4/5


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