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If you’re looking for a unique item or a gift for a special occasion, check out our collectibles section. Here you will find coins dating back hundreds of years that you won’t find anywhere else. Have questions or can’t find what you’re looking for? Give us a call and we will be happy to help.

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  • History of German Hyperinflation-Twelve Different Notes in Booklet

    When naysayers warn of the perils of inflation, what they're really talking about is Hyperinflation; defined as a monthly rate of inflation in excess of 50 percent. This fascinating booklet contains twelve original notes from Weimar, Germany in the early 1900's, and each is guaranteed to have been inspected and guaranteed authentic. This remarkable collection of notes begins in September, 1922 and has a 1,000 mark note. Next, there is a 50,000 mark note from November, a 100K mark note from Feb of 1923......all the way up to a 500 million mark note from September of 1923. By this time, Germans were literally burning these notes to stay warm in the winter. If you're looking for a remarkable gift or an interesting lesson in fiscal history, it's hard to beat the value in this collection of hyperinflation notes from the Weimar Republic. Learn More

    Regular Price: $131.25

    Special Price $95.00

  • 1858-O S.S. Republic Seated Liberty Half Dollars

    The SS Republic sank in 1865 off the coast of Georgia carrying a large amount of gold and silver coinage. When the recovery effort was made in the early 2000's, for the first time ever a large cache of U.S. Silver was salvaged and because the coins were stacked, they did not become corroded from the salt-water as most silver coins do when exposed to saltwater. Most of the Seated Liberty Half-Dollars date from 1850-1861 and their state of preservation is remarkable. Each coin comes is dated 1858 New Orleans and comes in a collectible wooden box with DVD. NGC certified each coin as "shipwreck effect"---all details are evident but the surfaces can vary based on each individual coin's exposure to salt water. For the price, these are remarkable, authentic shipwreck artifacts that make a great collectible or gift. Learn More

    Regular Price: $586.25

    Special Price $475.00

  • 1711 D French Denier PCGS Genuine

    These original French Deniers are some of the earliest coinage to circulate in the New World. Sometimes referred to as “Mousquetaires” because of the cross-like image printed on the coin’s reverse, they were official legal tender in New Orleans and surrounding areas. These coins circulated for more than a century and each one bears the “D” mintmark for the Lyon mint, and all are dated 1711. Great piece of the earliest American coinage for a very reasonable price. Certified by PCGS as Genuine. Learn More

    Regular Price: $150.49

    Special Price $129.00

  • 2019 Red Book of Rare Coin Prices

    The informative, entertaining, invaluable Red Book is the world's best-selling coin price guide.  It is in full color with 448 pages and spiral bound softcover.

    The 2019 Red Book of U.S. Coins has been the top rated rare coin value reference guide for 72 years.  We highly recommend this great book because, it has detailed year-by-year rare coin values including all U.S. rare coins ever minted, silver dollar coin prices, and rare gold coins values.

    Learn More

  • Money of the Bible : 2nd Edition

    (Hardcover) The accounts in this book offer you a unique journey into biblical times through the eyes of a numismatist. The quest confirms the stories, parables, and historical images of the Bible by examining examples of actual coins that passed from hand to hand in those times. The experience is sure to deepen your faith in and understanding of the most admired book ever written. Winner: Best Specialized Book, World Coins Learn More

  • The Silver Bull Market : Investing in the Other Gold

    (Hardcover) After outperforming virtually all other investment classes for more than a decade, gold is being reincorporated into the financial system as an asset deserving a position, large or small, in mainstream diversified portfolios. Leaving aside the metal's rediscovered diversification benefits (it tends to go in the opposite direction when stocks go down sharply), gold has risen as a viable investment alternative in today's environment of unhinged global government spending and monetary expansion. While silver has risen as well—even more than its sister metal over the last decade—it has remained gold's shadow investment for important reasons. For one, its smaller market and higher volatility have kept most financial professionals away, as the metal is often regarded as a highly erratic investment best left to speculators. There is also the memory of the 1980s and '90s bear market, precipitated, in part, by the illegal attempt by two wealthy families to corner the silver market, which led to the metal's darkest day, March 27, 1980. While gold has more than doubled in value since its 1980 peak, silver remains substantially below the all-time high it reached more than three decades ago. In The Silver Bull Market, Shayne McGuire examines the vital investment considerations about silver alongside the significant drivers of the metal's bull market. Although silver moves closely with gold in financial markets, it differs from its sister metal in that more than half of demand is derived from multiple industrial processes. While its significant reliance on film photography has ended, today silver's industrial demand is driven by technological progress (brazing alloys and solders, smart phones, tablets, plasma panels and new applications like silk-screened circuit paths and radio frequency ID tags); photovoltaics (solar panels); and new medical applications (silver is both biocidal and highly conductive). Though Warren Buffett disdains gold for its lack of utility, he regards silver differently: in the late 1990s, he purchased 130 million ounces, one-fifth of global production at the time. Learn More

  • Buy Gold Now

    (Hardcover) With foreign-financed U.S. debt levels continuing to soar, an intensifying real estate bust, and other signs of economic exhaustion following one of the longest booms in history, the probability of a dollar crash is now openly talked about in financial circles. Yet gold—the ultimate escape from financial risk throughout human history—remains one of the least-owned financial assets, representing less than 2% of the typical investment portfolio. Pushing aside Wall Street's perennial aversion to gold, in Buy Gold Now, investment expert Shayne McGuire skillfully reveals why the opportunity to profit from this precious metal, as well as protect yourself from risk, has rarely been better. Long forgotten, the 2,300% gold surge in the 1970s—when debt was one-tenth the level present in our economy today—is a return not even the 1990s NASDAQ could beat. Masterfully researched and written in a straightforward style, Buy Gold Now makes a case for buying gold as protection against the rising risks of an unprecedented global currency crisis and as a profitable investment vehicle. It examines the country's current financial situation from a historical perspective, addressing some of the alarming issues that many economists today are pointing to with concern. Learn More

  • Gold Coins for the New Orleans Mint : 2nd Edition

    (Paperback) Written by Doug Winter, the preeminent expert on 19th century branch mint issues, Gold Coins of the New Orleans Mint is the professional numismatist's standard reference on New Orleans gold. With this fully updated second edition, the information experts rely on is now available to collectors of United States gold, along with the essential insight necessary to buy and sell with confidence. Learn More

  • 100 Greatest Ancient Coins

    Harlan J. Berk, one of America's best-known ancient-coin dealers, takes you on a personal guided tour of the numismatic antiquities of Greece, Rome, the Byzantine Empire, and other parts of the ancient world. Learn More

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