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Austin Rare Coins handles many of the finest Pre-1933 United States gold and silver rare coins in the world. Everything we offer is certified by either PCGS or NGC, the top two grading services in the industry. If anything catches your eye or if you have questions, just give us a call. Check back frequently for new inventory updates. Click Here to download our latest Top U.S. & Ancient Coin Picks.

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  • Tiberius Gold Aureus NGC Choice About Uncirculated 5x3

    This is an extremely high graded example of a gold aureus issued under Emperor Tiberius, who ruled from 14-37 A.D. He is considered the third of the so-called "Twelve Caesars" and his coinage has become synonymous with the Bible, as his silver coinage is thought to be the "Tribute Penny". The obverse depicts a portrait facing right and the reverse shows a goddess seated on a throne. NGC has noted "edge marks" on the holder, referring to light contact marks on the edges of the coin. Great coin for the price and historically very important. Learn More

  • Ptolemy I Gold Hemidrachm NGC Choice Extremely Fine

    These Ptolemaic gold hemidrachms are extremely rare coins in any condition today due to their small size and infrequent auction appearances. This particular example has a wonderful overall look with great detail, depicting Ptolemy I on the obverse and an eagle on the back. NGC Ancients notes this coin was at some point mounted in jewelry, however, this distinction makes this example extremely affordable. The last one we had was similar in grade yet brought nearly $9K, so this one offers a lot of value for the low price. Learn More

  • Attica Owl Silver Tetradrachm NGC Choice About Uncirculated 5x4

    This amazing silver Ancient was struck over 2,400 years ago and has a remarkable overall look and eye appeal. The owl, as a symbol for wisdom, was the mascot of Athena, and frequently accompanies the goddess as this coin demonstrates. According to myth, Athena, goddess of wisdom and the patron goddess of Athens, even had the ability to take the form of an owl. The front of the coin features Athena, the goddess of wisdom and reason. The back depicts an owl, the totem bird of Athena. These are highly coveted by collectors and investors, particularly those with a bold, well-centered strike. Learn More

  • Croesus Silver Full Stater NGC Choice Extremely Fine 5x3

    The first silver coin ever struck in human history nearly 2,600 years ago, this stunning full silver stater is one of the finest we've encountered. Issued in Lydia, or modern-day Turkey, it depicts the lion and bull design on the front, symbolizing strength and virility. Worn, unattractive examples trade for $5-$6,000 minimum, so we believe the premium on this high-end example is totally justifiable. Great coin for the money and without a doubt, museum quality in all regards. Learn More

    Regular Price: $9,044.00

    Special Price $8,895.00

  • Panama Pacific $1 Gold Commemorative PCGS MS 64

    The 1915 Panama Pacific Commemorative Gold Dollars are 20th century gold rarities with a unique design and interesting history. In today's marketplace, we firmly believe that certified Mint State 64 examples are undervalued at current price levels. Only 15,000 of them were struck to commemorate the 1915 Pan-Pac Exposition, and very few have survived today in MS-64 condition. A decade ago, these very same coins brought over $2,500 each. The obverse shows the head of a man, representing a Panama Canal Laborer. On the back, two dolphins encompass ONE DOLLAR. Each coin is certified by PCGS in MS 64 condition. Highly recommended. Learn More

    Regular Price: $812.50

    Special Price $785.00

  • 1934 50c Texas Commemorative PCGS MS67 CAC

    This is a supremely high grade of the ever-popular Texas Commemorative Half Dollar struck from 1934-1938. Certified by PCGS in superb-gem mint state 67, this coin has also been verified by CAC for being high-end for the assigned grade. With a low mintage of only 61,643 coins, this issue is often found in lower mint state grades, however, this coin was obviously set aside many years ago and has remained pristine. Highly recommended for the money, these trade at a fraction of their previous wholesale market highs. Learn More

    Regular Price: $1,280.00

    Special Price $1,245.00

  • 1938-S 50c Texas Commemorative PCGS MS67

    The beautiful Texas Commemorative Half Dollars are known for their incredible design and portrayal of the proud Texas Heritage. This 1938 San Francisco example is one of the finest available along with being from an incredibly low mintage of only 3,814 coins! Struck from 1934-1938, the 1938 San Francisco TX commemorative is well-known to be one of the key dates in the series, and to acquire one in such a high grade as the current example is a rare feat, indeed. This is one of under 190 certified in the grade with a mere 16 coins known finer. A superb coin and a great selection for a Texas aficionado. Learn More

    Regular Price: $1,536.00

    Special Price $1,495.00

  • AU - 53 1856 S $20 Liberty Head Gold PCGS Certified SS. Central America

    This is an attractive, orange-gold example $20 Double Eagle from the SS Central America Shipwreck. Known as the Ship of Gold, this 280-foot side wheel steamer operated between Central America and the eastern coast of the United States during the 1850’s. The ship sank in a hurricane in September 1857 along with 30,000 pounds of gold, contributing to the Panic of 1857. 

    The shipwreck was located in September 1988, with significant amount of gold and artifacts being brought to the surface. 

    This coin will come with the original box and certification, coins recovered and struck in 1856 are far more scarce than those dated 1857. This is the actual coin you will receive and it comes with all original packaging and certification from the recovery group.

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