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Rare Gold Coins

Austin Rare Coins specializes in rare and valuable Pre-1933 Gold Coins certified by NGC and PCGS. This area of the coin market offers solid value over the long-term and we focus on acquiring coins with exceptional eye appeal and strong price history.

Our Austin Advisors are happy to assist you in finding the best selections for your goals and objectives. Questions or need advice? Call 1-800-928-6468, we're happy to help.

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  • MS - 63 1901 $20 Liberty Head Gold NGC/PCGS Certified

    Extremely Low Mintage of only 111,430 coins! We absolutely love the current value that can be found in Double Eagles from the late 1800's and early 1900's. We particularly look for issues with low mintages, low survival rates, and when they can be acquired at a very small premium in price to common dates like the 1904. The 1901 Double Eagle is, in our opinion, a significantly undervalued issue in choice uncirculated mint state 63 condition. In fact, only 4,079 coins are certified by PCGS and NGC combined in this lofty grade, making it over twenty one times rarer than a common date 1904 issue, for practically no premium in price. Highly recommended and very few available at this price. Learn More

    Regular Price: $1,716.90

    Special Price $1,645.00

    Out of stock

  • 1861 $20 Liberty Gold Coin NGC Extremely Fine 45

    Attractive Double Eagle issued during the first year of the Civil War in 1861--one of 2.976 million minted in Philiadelphia that year. This particular example has beautiful coloration and even wear with no distracting marks or cuts. We feel that the high gold content (.9675 oz) along with the coin itself makes for a solid value. Coin pictured is the exact coin you will receive. Learn More

  • 1852 $20 Liberty Gold Coin NGC Extremely Fine 45

    Really an excellent example for the assigned grade, this 1852 Double Eagle has a very pretty dark-orange coloration. This is the third year of issue for the Double Eagle series that started in 1850, and 2.053 million coins were issued for the year. It's difficult to not acknowledge the value in this coin, particularly with its high gold content of .9675 ounces. Coin pictured is the exact coin you will receive. Learn More

  • 1855-S $5 Liberty Gold Coin NGC About Uncirculated 58

    The 1855-S $5 Liberty is a rare coin in any condition and is the first $5 gold coin issued for circulation in San Francisco. It was undoubtedly minted using gold from the California Gold Rush, also. With a mintage of 61,000 it's obvious that most have been lost, melted or destroyed as PCGS has graded only 140 for the whole date, all grades---16 in AU58 with only 2 finer! NGC has seen a total of 107 in all grades, 3 finer. So a nice AU-58 is way up there in terms of top population. Coin pictured is the exact coin you will receive. Learn More

    Regular Price: $6,400.00

    Special Price $6,250.00

  • 1907-P $20 St. Gaudens High Relief NGC Extremely Fine 40

    Most High Relief St. Gaudens issued in 1907 come in mint state grades and trade for more than double the price of the current example. We feel that attractive, circulated examples offer great value at eight times their gold weight, and this coin in particular is very nice for the grade. It is known that 12,367 of the 1907 High Relief Saint Gaudens Double Eagles were struck before transitioning to the lower relief. While these pieces are not extremely rare, they are very sought after and highly prized by collectors for their beautiful presentation and remarkable aesthetic appeal--thought by many to be the most beautiful coin ever made. Ask about higher graded examples, but for the money this is an excellent coin and the exact one you will receive. Learn More

    Regular Price: $12,000.00

    Special Price $11,850.00

  • 1846-O $5 Liberty PCGS Extremely Fine 40- Ship of Gold

    This is a truly rare coin in any condition, however, this particular example is special in that it was one of only four 1846 New Orleans $5's brought up from the SS Central America shipwreck. New Orleans gold is in high demand from collectors and those from famous shipwrecks are even more desirable. Learn More

  • 1851 $21/2 Liberty PCGS About Uncirculated 55- Ship of Gold

    Truly a great coin for the price, this 1851 $21/2 Liberty PCGS About Uncirculated 55 is one of 22 salvaged from the 2nd recovery effort and just 11 were found in the first recovery. Philadelphia Mint gold traveled a long way to make its way to San Francisco, and somehow this one made it on the SS Central America in 1857. Learn More

  • 1855-S $5 Liberty PCGS About Uncirculated 53- Ship of Gold

    This 1855-San Francisco $5 Liberty in PCGS About Uncirculated 53 was for sure mined using gold from the California Gold Rush and for sure spent almost 150 years on the ocean floor off the coast of the Carolinas. It's the first obtainable $5 Liberty from San Fran and is a remarkable remnant of this time in our nation's history. Eleven were brought up during the first salvage and this is one of 24 from the second. Learn More

  • 1851-O $5 Liberty PCGS VF-20 from the SS Central America

    A very rare recovery indeed, this 1851-O $5 Liberty PCGS Very Fine 20 is one of only four recovered during the second release of coins, and NONE were offered during the first salvage. One has to wonder how this New Orleans circulated Half Eagle made its way onto the Ship of Gold. Great coin in all regards and full of history. Learn More

    Regular Price: $7,562.50

    Special Price $7,250.00

  • 1851 - P $20 Liberty PCGS AU53 - Ship of Gold

    Non S Mint date that does really well whenever found. Less than 15 were brought up this time. Learn More

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