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Silver Dollars

Mint condition silver dollars are without a doubt one of the best values in the silver marketplace today. Take your pick from our broad inventory of classic U.S. Silver Dollars ranging from 1878-1935.

Certified coins will be graded by either PCGS or NGC, one of the top grading services in the business. Furthermore, each has been hand-selected for eye appeal, luster, and quality. Questions? Call one of our Austin Advisors at 1-800-928-6468. As always, save an additional 3% with a check or bank wire.

What was the last year for Silver Dollars

Silver has been used for coinage since ancient times when the Lydian empire, under King Croesus, became the first to separate silver from the electrum in about 560 BC. Separating the silver gave the advantage of a more definite intrinsic value of the underlying metal & the coinage itself.

The United States began minting silver dollar coins at the direction of Alexander Hamilton who basically modeled the coin based on the Spanish 8 Reals. Even though they were less pure consisting of 90% silver and 10% copper coins, like the Morgan Silver Dollar and the Peace Silver Dollar quickly became very popular.

Other popular types of silver dollars include the 1794 Flowing Hair silver dollars, the Draped Busts, and the Seated Liberty coins. Last year of issue 1935 precious metals like silver in coins began to diminish as because the silver content became more valuable than their actual face value.

If you have any questions regarding what silver dollars to collect and invest in, please call or email a Silver Dollar Advisor at Austin Rare Coins & Bullion… we are always happy to help with all your Precious Metal’s goals and objectives.

Is there any coin quite as enduringly popular as United States Silver Dollars? Silver Dollars in mint condition always command a great value and we have a great selection ranging from 1878 to 1935.

The coins you'll find above have all been meticulously selected by hand by our top advisors to ensure that clients get the best of the best. With nearly three decades of experience in our industry and a reputation for offering the best values, Austin Rare Coins is here to help ensure your buying process goes smoothly. Have a question? Don't hesitate to give us a call today.

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