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1143-63 Crusader Denier NGC Mint State 63

Coins from this timeframe are incredibly difficult to locate in any condition for multiple reasons. This particular example certified Mint State 63 is not only the finest we have owned, but it is one of the finest ever certified by the grading services.

At just 13 years old, Baldwin came to the throne and was King of Jerusalem during the second crusade. To strengthen his own military and the defenses of the city he let the Knights Templar set up their headquarters in the palace on the Temple Mount.

Silver deniers are the very coins crusaders carried and used nine hundred years ago in the Holy Land. Because they were produced by amateur craftsmen they are most often found crudely made and most survivors that exist today are horribly worn and ugly. Regardless, silver deniers of the Knights Templar are desirable today by numerous collectors and high-end examples like this are seldom encountered.

The obverse bears a short cross that resembles the Templar Cross, surrounded by the king’s name and title: BALDVINUS REX. The reverse depicts the “Tower of David” – an ancient stone citadel built against the city walls that served as a fortified palace. The reverse inscription DE IERUSALEM “of Jerusalem” continues from the obverse.

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