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Queen Elizabeth British Gold Sovereign

NOTE: Supply is extremely limited and subject to 10-14 day delays. Please call 1-800-928-6468 for live updates on availability.

British Sovereign Gold Coins are historic collectibles as well as solid gold coin investments. They offer unparalleled advantages over gold bars or modern gold bullion coins as private forms of gold that are smaller in size. Each contains just under one-quarter of an ounce, or .2354 troy ounces, of pure gold making them ideal in any barter-type scenario. As such, it takes exactly 4.24 coins to make an ounce of pure gold.

In this offer, our British Sovereign "Queens" can be acquired for less per ounce than modern gold coins like the quarter-ounce American Eagle.  Each coin will be in near mint condition and orders of forty will come in plastic tubes for convenient storage.  For decades British Sovereigns have been some of our most popular gold bullion coins chosen by investors and collectors alike for their liquidity, privacy, and low cost per ounce.  Supplies are limited so order now to guarantee availability.

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First Minted in 1489

The British Sovereign Gold Coin series enjoys a long, proud heritage. First minted to honor King Henry VII in 1489, Gold Sovereigns have been the cornerstone of the Britain’s Tudor Dynasty serving as a form of wealth and prestige for over 500 years.

Elegant Queen Elizabeth Obverse Design
Each British Sovereign Gold Coin in this release are in near mint condition and each one features the bust of Queen Elizabeth.  Dates range in the 1950's and 1960's.  Their pure gold content .22354 ounces of pure gold each is guaranted and respected across the globe.  The reverse pictures the image of King George slaying the dragon.

Official Legal Tender
The British Sovereigns in this release were hand-selected for great eye appeal and are guaranteed to be in near mint condition. 

Order smaller quantities online or call 1-800-928-6468 for immediate availability and enjoy further discounts when you pay with check or bank wire.  Call for larger sized bullion orders and receive your best price.


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