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1504-16 | Escudo | Spain | MS-62

1504-16 Spain Gold 1 Escudo - PCGS MS 62 - Toledo Mint - Calico-60

This 1504-16 Spain 1 Escudo coin, certified by PCGS in Mint State 62, is a rare and captivating piece from the early 16th century. Minted in Toledo during the reign of Ferdinand II of Aragon and Isabella I of Castile, this coin reflects Spain's emergence as a global power during a period of intense exploration and conquest. Its distinct design and high level of preservation make it a noteworthy addition to any collection.

Aside from another inferior example held in a European museum, this is the ONLY example available for private ownership!  This is one of the earliest Spanish gold cobs ever issued and it has miraculously been preserved in mint state condition.  It is without a doubt one of the most rare and important Spanish gold coins you will ever see.

Design Features

  • Obverse: The obverse showcases a detailed shield, a common emblem of the Spanish monarchy. This heraldic design often includes intricate symbols such as castles, lions, and fleurs-de-lis, representing the united kingdoms of Spain. These elements underscore the historical significance and regional identity of the coin.
  • Reverse: The reverse features a prominent cross, a symbol frequently found in Spanish coinage that signifies both religious and royal authority. The cross is central to Spain's history, reflecting its role as a Catholic monarchy. Additional embellishments surrounding the cross can provide deeper insights into the religious and artistic influences of the era.

Coin Specifications

  • Composition: Gold
  • Weight: Approximately 3.38 grams
  • Certification: PCGS MS 62
  • Mint: Toledo

Historical Significance This coin represents a crucial period in Spain's history, marking the early years of the Spanish Empire's expansion. The MS 62 grade reflects its impressive preservation, with most of its original luster and details intact. Although there may be some slight imperfections, typical for its grade, they do not detract from the coin's overall beauty and historical importance.

Why Own This Coin? Owning this coin means possessing a tangible piece of the Spanish Empire's legacy. The craftsmanship and design elements speak to the wealth and power of Spain during this pivotal era. Certified by PCGS, the coin's authenticity and grade are guaranteed, ensuring its value as a historical artifact and collector's item.

If you're interested in learning more about this remarkable coin or other rare numismatic treasures, contact Austin Rare Coins & Bullion. Our experts are here to assist you with any questions or help guide you in acquiring this unique piece of history

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1504-16 Spain 1 Escudo Coin | MS-62 - Very Rare
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