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Here we feature our inventory highlights. Whether you’re looking for the best in world gold & silver or a stunning 2,500 year old ancient coin, this is where you will find some of the best we have to offer. 

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  1. 1809 Mexican 8 Reale NGC Mint State 63
    Now Only $1,950.00 Regular Price $1,965.60
  2. Mithradates VI Gold Stater NGC MS 4x4
    Now Only $2,850.00 Regular Price $3,069.00
  3. 1470's Ferdinand & Isabel Spanish 2 Excelente NGC MS 63 Plus
    Now Only $9,900.00 Regular Price $10,125.00
  4. 1552-1555 Carlos & Joanna Four Reale NGC About Unc. 55
    Now Only $1,265.00 Regular Price $1,345.50

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What makes rare coins attractive to buy? First rare coins are timeless works of art that have tangible links to our history that can go back hundreds and even thousands of years. Second, they can show us our past leaders, national heroes, events and significant dates to remember, as well as symbols of the time. There is more than just a monetary connection to rare coins that make them unique to own as a collector and an investor.

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When it comes to rare coins, the inventory above is some of the best. No matter what you're looking for, you'll find that we have an amazing selection. Whether it's shipwreck gold or ancient coins, we update our top recommendations regularly.

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