Shipwreck Coins

Here we feature gold and and siver coins that have been recovered from various U.S. shipwrecks such as the S.S. Central America Shipwreck, otherwise known as "The Ship of Gold." Over the past two decades we've handled rare coins from the S.S. Brother Jonathan of 1865, the S.S. Republic of 1865, and the S.S. New York of 1845. All of these coins are original, certified shipwreck recovery coins. Austin Rare Coins has been involved with every major shipwreck offering since the 1990’s.

We're pleased to announce that we're one of the few dealers who have access to some of the rare fractional gold coins recovered from the 1857 SS Central America shipwreck. Download Your FREE Copy of "Shipwreck Collection" to learn more about shipwrecked coins!

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  1. 1856 S $5 Liberty PCGS AU 58 from SS Central America
    Now Only $9,150.00 Regular Price $9,300.00
  2. 1857-S $20 Liberty PCGS MS-61 - Ship of Gold
    Now Only $8,450.00 Regular Price $8,568.00
  3. 1857-S $20 Liberty PCGS MS-62 - Ship of Gold
    Now Only $8,695.00 Regular Price $9,106.00
  4. S.S. Republic Seated Liberty Half Dollars
    Now Only $495.00 Regular Price $540.00

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Among the most interesting of rare coins, shipwreck coins are highly sought after because of their unique stories.

Whether it's a coin from the infamous "Ship of Gold" or other sunken treasure from a bygone era, shipwreck gold and silver offer great value for such an interesting piece.

Probably the most famous was the SS Central America...

The Ship of Gold

On September 3rd, 1857, the SS Central America left Panama carrying 10 tons of gold coins and bars that had been mined in the hills of California during the Gold Rush.

Carrying 477 passengers and 101 crew members, the ship set sail for New York City under the command of captain William Herndon. A few days later the ship ran into a powerful hurricane off the coast of the Carolinas, and after 2 Days of heavy winds and rains, the powerful storm rendered the Central America helpless.

Eventually, the ship could take no more, 425 people lost their lives and all of the gold on the Central America sank to the bottom of the Atlantic Ocean. There it remained until it was discovered in the 1980s. The Treasure of the SS Central America ranged from large gold ingots of various sizes to newly-minted $20 gold pieces, freshly struck in San Francisco, and every other denomination of coinage imaginable. The recovered treasure is unprecedented in terms of scope, size, and quality.

Today, Austin rare coins and bullion handles many of the finest coins recovered from the SS Central America available for sale. Be sure to call us for up-to-the-minute availability and pricing on the exclusive release of the gold Treasures recovered from the SS Central America shipwreck of 1857. While the great majority of the coins recovered are double eagles we have exclusive access to many of the overlooked, fundamental rarities available from this extraordinary piece of American history.

Gold Ingot from the SS Central America

Check out this video and discover gold ingots that were found on the SS Central America that no one knew existed until the shipwreck was discovered!

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