American Silver Eagle

Since their inception in 1986, Silver American Eagles have become one of the most recognized and popular silver bullion coins in the world. The US Mint is an industry leader trusted to make their cornerstone 1-oz. silver coin with consistent gem-brilliant uncirculated quality and .999-purity.

They can be acquired individually, in Mint Rolls of 20-coins, and Mint Boxes of 500-coins. NGC/PCGS certified MS-69 and MS-70 quality as well as limited-mintage Proof Silver Eagles are also popular options. If the specific Silver Eagle you need isn't below, let us know and we can likely locate it. As always, save 3% by paying with a personal check or bank wire.

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Every gold portfolio should be complimented with a position in silver and Silver Eagles are a top choice. They are ideal for silver investment, diversification, and emergency money. Furthermore, with their patriotic designs, Silver Eagles are also a favorite for gift-givers and coin enthusiasts.


Want to buy silver coins? The silver bullion market attracts a variety of buyers and Silver American Eagles meet the needs of virtually all them. Many have come to the simple realization that they need to diversify beyond the traditional asset classes of stocks, bonds, and real estate. Their real estate is generally comprised of just their home, meaning that most of their wealth is digital and intangible so they see the wisdom in “taking some money out of the system” and adding to their physical assets making silver an obvious option and Silver Eagles a top choice.

While low-priced bullion bars and rounds are often first to draw the attention of investors and enthusiasts, the superiority of Silver Eagles converts them quickly. Unlike silver bars and silver rounds, American Eagles are backed and guaranteed by the US Government providing confidence in their one-ounce silver weight and .999-purity. After three decades, Silver American Eagles have become a blue-chip bullion coin that’s readily liquid not just in the US, but across the globe.

Another advantage of diversifying into silver is its classic role as a hedge and portfolio insurance. As long-term economic cycles shift, recessionary forces strengthen, and traditional assets correct, silver is known to outperform other traditional hedges like bonds and even gold. In that environment, Silver Eagles are one of the best bullion products to own.

Like all silver bullion coins and bars, American Eagles rise with the silver price. However, Eagles historically covet so much investment demand during a bull silver market that the supply is overwhelmed. This creates an attractive profit advantage for owners of Silver Eagles that’s not available to those that hold other “discount” bullion products like bars and rounds.

Simply put, Silver Eagles become more valuable. And those with the foresight to acquire Eagles can now sell them for a premium price over bars and rounds. Those investors then profit not only from the higher silver price, but also from the Silver Eagle advantage. Discount bullion products simply can’t offer that.

A secondary motive for many people who buy Silver Eagles is essentially preparing for the unknown by having a physical form of tradable money, often called “barter-silver”. Taking such precautions for emergencies doesn’t make you a “doom and gloom” person, it just makes you smart.

One can think that a crisis involving the dollar, economy, and/or banking system is of low-probability, and hopefully would be short-lived, while also seeing the wisdom in reasonable safeguards against the resulting chaos. Silver American Eagles are at the top of that list of safety measures because they’re real money. In even a temporary breakdown of “the system as we know it” that prevents access to, or the use of, banking accounts, credit cards, and even dollars, Silver Eagles would be the likely immediate alternative.

A tangible form of exchange would be a necessity and people would certainly gravitate to Silver Eagles because of their standardized weight and purity, their liquidity, and simply because they look like the US coinage with which we’re all familiar. This would be more of a return to the use of real money then a fall into primitive bartering. Best of all, if such a crisis passes quickly, or we manage to avoid the worst of it, Silver Eagles will still prove highly profitable thanks to safe haven silver demand.

While it’s flown under the radar of many, physical precious metals can be held in a Self-Directed IRA. However, only certain gold and silver bullion products are allowed. It’s no surprise that Silver American Eagles are on the IRA-approved list and have become one of the most popular options for IRA accounts.

In discussing the many advantages of Silver American Eagles, it’s easy to overlook one of the simplest reasons for their popularity – the beautiful appearance of their classic American designs. The obverse of the Silver Eagle was adopted from the Walking Liberty silver half-dollar which was designed by Adolph Weinman and used from 1916 - 1947. It’s complimented by a beautiful rendition of a heraldic eagle by John Mercanti featured on the reverse.

As required by law, each Silver Eagle bears the official designations of the date of mintage, the one-dollar denomination, 13 stars for the original 13 colonies, and the inscriptions “United States of America”, “Liberty”, and “In God We Trust”. This celebration of American heritage along with their large size (1.25 inches in diameter) has made Silver Eagles a favorite for coin collectors and gift givers.

While most silver demand comes from those simply wanting to buy silver in general or buy silver coins more specifically, many people just want to buy "silver dollars" as enthusiasts of their large size as well as their heritage. The US Silver Dollar has an established legacy dating back to the late-1700’s and, over time, it’s become woven into American History.

While it’s always been worth well more than $1, the Silver American Eagle celebrates this tradition with its one-dollar face value. Since circulated US coinage ceased to be made of silver in the 1970’s, it’s easy to understand why Eagles have filled the silver dollar gap so successfully that they’ve garnered the nickname “American Eagle Silver Dollars” and have even become a popular choice for “The Silver Dollar Salute” tradition of the US Army.

Bullion Silver American Eagles are not sold by the US Mint directly to the public and can only be acquired through trusted dealers like Austin Rare Coins & Bullion. With three decades of experience and an impeccable reputation for high-touch service, we’ve helped thousands buy Silver Eagles. We set the industry standard with our one-on-one advice and guidance. Call 1-(833) 201-7166 today and talk to an Austin Advisor about Silver American Eagles.