American Eagle Gold Coin

With their beautiful appearance, four sizes (1-oz, 1/2-oz, 1/4-oz, 1/10-oz) and gem-brilliant uncirculated quality, The US Mint’s flagship American Eagle Gold Coin has become the global standard in modern gold bullion.

First issued in 1986, Gold American Eagles are a top choice for investors seeking diversification, profit, privacy, and liquidity. Such buyers see the value in paying a small premium over the price of bars and other world coins that fall short on some of the advantages offered by Gold American Eagles.

American Eagles can be acquired individually or in Mint Rolls of various sizes (20-coins for the 1-oz). We always offer a 3% discount for paying with a personal check or bank wire. Have questions on American Eagles, gold in general, further discounts on larger orders or need help finding a specific coin? Please call us at 1-800-928-6468.

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Gold American Eagle are popular for many reasons – they’re struck by the U.S. Mint, their attractive, familiar designs, their global recognition, and easy liquidity. Another key advantage of Gold Eagles is that they’re private and non-reportable unlike gold bars and some other gold bullion coins.

We are not required to report your liquidation of Gold Eagles regardless of how many you sell. This means that we won’t ask for your social security number or other personal data. Keep your sensitive information to yourself, a rarity for financial transactions in today’s hyper-connected world.

Please be wary of false claims that non-reportable means tax-free. That’s not accurate. Non-reportable simply means that we don’t need to get involved in your tax business and gather your information which is not the case for all other modern gold bullion coins and bars. Stay with American Eagles and stay private.


Aside for a few exceptions, the US Mint makes all American Eagle Coins at their highly-regard facility in West Point, New York. The American Eagle program includes different versions with minor variations in appearance or finish, as well packaging and mintage figures.

Each American Eagle Gold Coin featured above is what we call a “business strike”, “brilliant-uncirculated” or “BU” for short. BU Gold Eagles are made annually in high volume to meet demand. They are not struck with the “W” mint mark.

The mint mark is reserved for other versions like the Gold American Eagle Proof Coins which are listed separately under the Gold Coins category at the top of the page.


The US Mint strikes all American Eagle Gold Coins in 22-kt pure gold. It’s a common misconception to think this means less gold than 24-kt coins, but that’s not accurate. Consider a one-ounce gold coin. Pure 24-kt gold is very soft, so alloys (copper and silver) are added to that ounce of pure gold to make a more durable 22-kt gold coin.

Each mint around the world chooses between 24-kt and 22-kt purity, but the gold content of each coin is not affected. However, for those seeking gold coins that are both American and 24-kt, the Gold American Buffalo is perfect and can also be found under the Gold Coins category at the top of the page.

All of our Gold American Eagles, whether made during the current or previous years (back-dates), are high-quality, brilliant-uncirculated coins.


NGC/PCGS certified MS-69 and MS-70 quality are also popular options. NGC stands for the Numismatic Guaranty Corporation and PCGS for the Professional Coin Grading Service. These are the only two trusted third-party authentication and grading services in the industry and both have proven reputations with decades of experience.

Grading is a judgment of a coin’s quality. A grade of Mint State (MS)-70 indicates a perfect coin and MS-69 is just shy of perfection. While it’s easy to assume that brand new coins like Gold American Eagles are all perfect, that’s not the case. It’s true that they are very high quality, what we call “gem brilliant-uncirculated” (MS-65 grade and up), but minor imperfections in the minting equipment create some coins that fall short of the MS-69 threshold.

For those selective buyers who prefer to own a perfect or near-perfect American Eagle Gold Coin, PCGS/NGC certification is ideal. The grading process is completed by sealing the coin in a tamper-evident plastic case called a slab which also contains the coin's certificate of grading and authenticity. This further satisfies high-grade buyers as well as gift givers seeking a more attractive package for their gift.


Gold American Eagles are regarded as one of the most beautiful modern gold coins available today with striking, patriotic imagery. Lady Liberty walking with the sun’s rays behind her on the front of the coin, or obverse, was inspired by the most famous U.S. coin of the early 1900’s, the $20 St. Gaudens Double Eagle which was named after its designer, Augustus Saint-Gaudens.

From its premier year of 1986 through the first half of 2021, the reverse design on the American Eagle Gold Coin shows a male bald eagle holding an olive branch in flight to his nest housing a female and their young.


For the first time ever, 2021 included two different Gold Eagle reverse designs in celebration of 35 years of the American Eagle Program. The classic design described above was issued to start the year and the new design was introduced in the second half of 2021.

The historic inscriptions are all still present as is the iconic bald eagle but reimagined in a majestic, solo, close-up portrait. This beautiful new design is sure to carry on the American Eagle Gold Coin tradition for the next 35 years.


In addition to diversification, hedging, and profit, we’ve long been proponents of acquiring physical gold to “take some money out of the system”. In the digital age, most of our money and assets are just that, digital. While this has created plenty of advantages, it has made it all too easy to overlook low probability, but highly disruptive risks. The proverbial “rainy day”.

Physical gold acts as an excellent “rainy day” insurance policy in the event access to our digital assets is temporarily disrupted, we experience dollar volatility or interruptions in the banking system. Hopefully, any such event would be short-lived, but real and tangible money like Gold American Eagles would prove indispensable.

Consider one-ounce and half-ounce American Eagle Gold Coins as the perfect foundation for your gold portfolio with their global respect and easy liquidity. The smaller, fractional Eagles (one-quarter and one-tenth of an ounce) build on your foundation with alternative money for insurance against various contingencies.

You’re covered if they need to be used as money. If such a crisis never arises, the smaller Gold Eagles simply become part of your profit vehicle and increase in value with a rising gold market.


American Gold Eagle Coins are a favorite for clients adding physical gold to their Self-Directed IRA Accounts. Want to know more? Call us and visit our IRA page below.

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Bullion Gold American Eagles can only be acquired through dealers like Austin Rare Coins and Bullion as the US Mint does not offer them directly to the public. Be sure you only work with a company that offers decades of experience and personal, one-on-one guidance.

Call us to find out how we earned our impeccable reputation at 1-(844) 823-4342. We’re here to teach you about Gold Eagles specifically and to answer any of your questions about acquiring precious metals. In addition, please visit the reports below for additional research.

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