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1628-65 Colombia 2 Escudo | Shipwreck Maravillas | NGC MS 63

1628-1665 Colombia Gold Cob 2 Escudo of Philip IV
From the Maravillas Shipwreck

Experience a rare piece of maritime history with the 1628-1665 Colombia Gold Cob 2 Escudo of Philip IV, salvaged from the famed Maravillas Shipwreck. Certified by NGC in Mint State 63, this extraordinary coin is one of the few survivors from this tragic event, making it a highly prized artifact for collectors and history enthusiasts alike.

The obverse of this Gold Cob 2 Escudo features a detailed shield bearing the coat of arms of the Spanish Empire, signifying the power and reach of Philip IV’s reign. Notably, an "R" is visible on the bottom right of the shield, adding a unique characteristic to this already exceptional coin. The intricate design and preservation of the obverse highlight the skill and artistry of the mint during this period.

On the reverse, the coin displays a prominent cross, a symbol deeply rooted in Spanish colonial coinage. This well-defined cross, surrounded by the worn yet distinguishable elements, underscores the religious and cultural significance of the Spanish Empire during the 17th century. The combination of these features makes this coin a remarkable example of colonial minting.

The Maravillas Shipwreck, from which this coin was recovered, met its fate on January 4th, 1656, in the shallow waters of Little Bahama Bank. Of the 650 passengers aboard, only 45 survived, marking the wreck as a significant historical tragedy. Rediscovered in August 1972, coins from this shipwreck are exceedingly rare on the market today. The Bahamian government has not issued recovery leases since the early 1990s, further limiting the availability of these treasures.

This 1628-1665 Colombia Gold Cob 2 Escudo stands as one of the finest known examples from the Maravillas Shipwreck, with only one known to be in a higher grade. Its exceptional state of preservation and historical provenance make it a coveted addition to any numismatic collection. For more information about this unique coin and other historic treasures, contact Austin Rare Coins & Bullion. Our experienced advisors are here to help you add this extraordinary piece of history to your collection.

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1628-65 Colombia 2 Escudo | Shipwreck Maravillas | NGC MS 63
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