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1713 Mexico | 8 Escudo | 1715 Fleet | NGC MS 65

1713 Mexico Gold Cob 8 Escudo
From the 1715 Fleet Shipwreck

The 1713 Mexico Gold Cob 8 Escudo, certified by NGC in Mint State 65, is a remarkable artifact of numismatic and historical significance. This gem-quality coin is one of the finest known examples from this date, distinguished by its superb hand-hammered design and outstanding preservation. With very few specimens recovered, this piece stands as a testament to the rich history and artistry of the colonial era.

The obverse of the coin features an intricately detailed coat of arms, representing the Spanish Empire's grandeur and authority. The craftsmanship of the Mexican mint is evident in the fine details and clarity of the design, making this coin a standout example of early 18th-century minting. The obverse's exceptional condition and artistic quality enhance its appeal to collectors and historians alike.

On the reverse, a prominent cross is displayed, a symbol deeply embedded in the Spanish colonial tradition. The cross is surrounded by additional design elements that add to its historical and cultural resonance. The sharpness and detail of the reverse design highlight the high level of skill involved in its creation, further elevating the coin's numismatic value.

This coin was recovered from the 1715 Fleet Shipwreck, a significant maritime disaster where a fleet carrying immense treasures from the New World to Spain was struck by a hurricane off the coast of Florida. The shipwreck's discovery and the recovery of such coins offer a tangible link to this dramatic chapter in history. This 1713 Gold Cob 8 Escudo is not just a numismatic treasure but a piece of the past, connecting collectors to the perils and adventures of early transatlantic voyages.

Owning this 1713 Mexico Gold Cob 8 Escudo means possessing a piece of history, preserved in near-gem condition. For more information on this extraordinary coin and other historical treasures, contact Austin Rare Coins & Bullion. Our knowledgeable advisors are ready to assist you in adding this remarkable artifact to your collection.

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1713 Mexico | 8 Escudo |1715 Fleet | NGC MS 65
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