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1757 Peru | 8 Escudo | NGC | MS-62

1757 LM JM Peru Gold 8 Escudo

This magnificent 1757 LM JM Peru Gold 8 Escudo, certified by NGC in Mint State condition, is a stunning piece of colonial history. This coin features the effigy of a long-haired, curly bust facing right on the obverse and a crowned shield on the reverse, adorned with intricate details and inscriptions that reflect the grandeur of the Spanish colonial era.

Obverse: Long-Haired Bust

The obverse of this Gold 8 Escudo showcases a detailed portrait of a long-haired, curly bust facing right. This depiction is characteristic of the regal and dignified style employed in 18th-century coinage, emphasizing the power and majesty of the Spanish monarchy. The meticulous engraving captures the intricate curls of the hair, adding a lifelike quality to the portrait.

Reverse: Crowned Shield

The coin's reverse side features a crowned shield, a prominent symbol of Spanish royalty. The shield is adorned with intricate designs and heraldic elements, representing the various territories under Spanish rule. Above the shield, the word "MAGNA" is prominently inscribed, denoting the grandeur and authority of the Spanish Empire. Surrounding the shield are additional inscriptions, including "Sequor JM LM Nominma," further emphasizing the coin's historical and cultural significance.

Certification and Condition

This Gold 8 Escudo, certified by NGC in Mint State condition, is a remarkable specimen of 18th-century coinage. The Mint State designation indicates that the coin has been preserved in near-perfect condition, with no signs of wear and minimal handling marks. This level of preservation is exceptional for a coin of this age, making it a highly prized piece for collectors.

Historical Context

Minted in 1757 in Lima, Peru, this Gold 8 Escudo reflects the wealth and power of the Spanish Empire during the colonial period. Peru was a major source of gold and silver for Spain, and coins like this played a crucial role in the economic and political landscape of the time. The intricate designs and high gold content of the 8 Escudo coins made them valuable as currency and symbols of the empire's prosperity.

Numismatic Significance

The 1757 LM JM Peru Gold 8 Escudo is a valuable and historically significant coin, highly sought after by collectors and numismatists. Its detailed design, Mint State condition, and rich historical background make it a standout piece in any collection. Coins like this offer a tangible connection to the past, providing insights into the economic and cultural history of the Spanish colonial period.

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1757 Peru | 8 Escudo | NGC | MS-62
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