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1807 MO TH | S.S. New York | 2 Reales | Mexico

Dive into the rich maritime and numismatic history with the 1807-MO-TH Mexican Reales, a treasure salvaged from the SS New York shipwreck. Bearing the "Shipwreck Effect" certification, this coin connects you to the early 19th century and the dramatic tale of a lost vessel, adding historical and collectible value.

The obverse of the 1807-MO-TH Mexican Reales features a portrait of King Charles IV facing right. The inscription around the portrait reads "CAROLUS IIII DEI GRATIA," translating to "Charles IV, by the Grace of God." The intricate details of the king's visage and the historic shipwreck patina give this coin a unique character and visual appeal.

The reverse side showcases the crowned Spanish coat of arms, flanked by the Pillars of Hercules, with the inscription "HISPAN ET IND REX," meaning "King of Spain and the Indies." The detailed heraldic elements and the "SS New York Shipwreck Effect" enhance the coin's story, emphasizing its journey from the ocean's depths to a collector's hands.

Condition and Certification
This 1807-MO-TH Mexican Reales is certified with the "Shipwreck Effect" by NGC, indicating it was recovered from the SS New York shipwreck. The shipwreck effect gives the coin a distinct, rustic appearance, often characterized by saltwater-induced toning and other unique features. NGC's certification ensures the coin's authenticity and its provenance from the famous shipwreck.

Historical Context
The SS New York, a steamer that sank off the coast of Louisiana in 1846, carried passengers and cargo, including valuable coins like this 1807-MO-TH Mexican Reales. The recovery of such coins provides a tangible link to the early 19th-century trade and the maritime history of the Gulf of Mexico. Mexican Reales were widely circulated and used in international trade, making them a significant part of the economic landscape during that period.

The 1807-MO-TH Mexican Reales from the SS New York shipwreck is a fascinating addition to any numismatic collection. Its historical significance and the unique "Shipwreck Effect" certification make it a prized piece for collectors. Austin Rare Coins & Bullion offers this exceptional coin for purchase. Contact an Austin Rare Coins Advisor today for more information on this rare artifact and other historic coins.

For the price, these are remarkable, authentic shipwreck artifacts that make a great collectible or gift. The coin shown is not the exact date you will receive it.


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