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1852 | $20 | Gold Liberty | SSCA | AU-53

This lightly circulated 1852 Double Eagle from the Philadelphia Mint somehow made it on the ill-fated SS Central America, which set sail from San Francisco in 1857! Certified by PCGS in AU-53 condition, this coin sunk in a hurricane in Sept. of 1857 and remained on the ocean floor for roughly 140 years. Despite its tumultuous journey through time and the elements, it retains much of its mint luster and detail, a testament to its remarkable preservation.

Minted during the mid-19th century, this coin bears the iconic Liberty design on its obverse, portraying Lady Liberty in all her regal splendor. Her profile exudes strength and dignity, while the intricate details of her crown and features speak to the skill of the minters who crafted this piece.

On the reverse, a majestic eagle with outstretched wings is depicted, surrounded by the inscriptions denoting the coin's denomination and the nation it represents. Each detail, from the feathers of the eagle to the rays emanating from the sun, adds to the coin's aesthetic appeal and historical significance.

Whether admired for its historical significance, cherished for its beauty, or sought after as an investment, this 1852 $20 Gold Liberty coin holds a special place in the hearts of collectors. With its PCGS certification ensuring its authenticity and condition, it stands as a timeless reminder of America's rich numismatic tradition.  An original "pinch" of gold dust recovered from the SS Central America is also encapsulated into the custom PCGS slab.

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In August 1857, the SS Central America embarked on a voyage from San Francisco to New York, carrying over 400 passengers and crew. Known as the "Ship of Gold," it transported a significant quantity of gold nuggets and bars acquired during the California Gold Rush, alongside freshly minted $20 gold coins from the San Francisco mint, dated 1856 and 1857.

Tragically, in September of the same year, while traversing the Carolina coast, the ship encountered a fierce hurricane, rendering it defenseless against nature's fury. Within a short span, the vessel, along with its valuable cargo and numerous souls on board, fell victim to the merciless storm, descending to the ocean's depths where it remained undisturbed for 130 years. The recovery of gold coins from the SS Central America has captured the attention of collectors and investors worldwide, thanks to their remarkable historical significance, exceptional quality, and appealing price points.

Austin Rare Coins & Bullion is honored to be among the select few authorized dealers offering the extraordinary treasures salvaged from the depths of the SS Central America.

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