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1851 Philadelphia| $20 Liberty Gold | SSCA | PCGS | MS-60

Most Double Eagles recovered from the SS Central America were freshly minted 1856 and 1857 San Francisco issues.  Somehow, this 1851 Philadelphia made its way onto the ship and was doomed to sink to the bottom of the Atlantic with all the other treasure. In fact, only 29 1851 Philadelphia Double Eagles were recovered from the wreck versus thousands of the 56 and 57 S issues.

Certified by PCGS in Mint State-60 condition, this coin bears witness to a tumultuous era and the tragic fate of the renowned steamship. The obverse of the coin features Lady Liberty, her majestic figure illuminated by the promise of a new frontier. Encircled by stars representing the states of the Union, her portrait symbolizes the spirit of progress and opportunity that defined the American West during the mid-19th century.

On the reverse, the iconic eagle, wings outstretched, serves as a potent emblem of freedom and resilience. Against the backdrop of a radiant sunburst, the eagle clutches an olive branch and arrows, signifying peace and strength in equal measure.

Recovered from the SS Central America shipwreck, this coin bears the scars of its tumultuous journey through time and ocean depths. Yet, in its imperfections lies a story of perseverance and endurance, a testament to the human spirit's indomitable will.

Available now at Austin Rare Coins & Bullion, this historic artifact offers collectors and enthusiasts alike a tangible connection to one of the most poignant chapters in American maritime history. As you hold this coin in your hand, you hold not just a piece of metal, but a fragment of a story—one that speaks of courage, loss, and the enduring quest for discovery.

The coin shown in the picture is the exact one you will receive.

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Embark on a journey back to August 1857, when the SS Central America set sail from San Francisco's bustling harbor. Laden with the hopes of over 400 souls and the riches of California's gold fields, this steamship embarked on a mission propelled by dreams and wealth.

However, fate had a different plan for the SS Central America as it traversed the perilous waters off the Carolina coast in September of the same year. Confronted by the relentless fury of a hurricane, the vessel found itself at the mercy of nature's wrath. In a tragic twist of fate, the once-proud ship succumbed to the tempest's power, plunging into the ocean depths and claiming the lives of hundreds along with the treasures it carried.

This tragic event left an indelible mark on maritime history, serving as a poignant reminder of the challenges faced by seafarers. For years, the ship and its cargo lay hidden beneath the ocean's surface, a silent testament to the perils of the sea. It wasn't until modern explorers embarked on a mission to uncover the secrets of the deep that the story of the SS Central America began to emerge once more, shedding light on a chapter of history steeped in both tragedy and intrigue.

Today, the legacy of the SS Central America lives on as a reminder of humanity's resilience in the face of adversity and the enduring allure of lost treasures waiting to be rediscovered.

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