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1863-53 | Mexico | 8 Escudo | NGC XF-45

Step into the realm of Mexican numismatic history with the 1863/53-GO (PF) Mexico 8 Escudo coin, now proudly showcased at Austin Rare Coins. Certified by NGC in Extremely Fine 45 condition, this remarkable specimen offers a tangible connection to the tumultuous era of the mid-19th century in Mexico.

On the obverse of the coin, marvel at the dignified profile eagle, with its snake's tail looped, symbolizing the Republica Mexicana. This depiction encapsulates the resilience and national pride of Mexico during a period marked by political upheaval and foreign intervention.

Turning to the reverse, you'll encounter the iconic imagery of an open book and a hand holding a stick with a cap, where the cap points to the "T" of "LIBERTAD EN..." This design reflects the ideals of liberty and independence cherished by the Mexican people during this transformative period in their history.

Embrace the allure of Mexican numismatic heritage with the 1863/53-GO (PF) Mexico 8 Escudo coin, a testament to the rich tapestry of Mexico's past. Contact one of our knowledgeable Austin Rare Coin Advisors today to add this exceptional piece to your collection and explore our extensive array of rare and historic coins.

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1863-53 | Mexico | 8 Escudo | NGC XF-45
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