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1865 | S.S. Republic | Gold Liberty | MS-63

This 1865 $20 Gold Liberty coin, certified by NGC and recovered from the SS Republic shipwreck, offers a captivating glimpse into history. Graded as Mint State 63, it boasts remarkable preservation, bearing witness to its journey through time. This particular example is remarkably preserved with mark-free surfaces and satiny, original mint luster--far nicer than most Mint State 63 Double Eagles you will encounter!  

The SS Republic, sunk in 1865 off the coast of Georgia, carried a significant cargo of gold and silver coinage. Rediscovered in the early 2000s, the wreck yielded a treasure trove of coins, including this pristine $20 Gold Liberty piece.

Each coin from the SS Republic represents a piece of maritime history, preserved by the depths of the ocean for over a century. Now, certified by NGC, this coin stands as a testament to the perseverance of the past and the enduring allure of numismatic treasures.  The original mintage was 351,200 and today under 1,400 are certified in all grades combined.  This is without question one of the most beautiful of all known survivors.

Own a piece of history with this 1865 $20 Gold Liberty from the SS Republic, a captivating addition to any collection or a cherished keepsake for those captivated by tales of lost treasure and maritime adventure.

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The SS Republic met its fate in 1865 off the shores of Georgia, carrying a substantial cargo of gold and silver coins. In the early 2000s, during the recovery mission, a significant collection of U.S. Silver was salvaged for the first time, presenting a unique opportunity. Remarkably, due to their stacked arrangement, the coins avoided corrosion from the saltwater, a fate commonly suffered by silver coins under such conditions. Primarily dating from 1850 to 1861, the Seated Liberty Half-Dollars exhibit remarkable preservation. Each coin has been officially certified by NGC as having a "shipwreck effect," retaining all details despite potential surface variations resulting from individual exposure to saltwater. These authentic artifacts from the shipwreck offer exceptional value for collectors or as memorable gifts, considering their historical significance and unique preservation.
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