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1883 Proof Trade Dollar PCGS Proof 64


The 1883 Proof Trade Dollar, featuring the Seated Liberty design, is a noteworthy piece from the latter part of the 19th century. This coin stands out because it is certified by PCGS in Proof-64 (PR-64) condition because of its superior craftsmanship and excellent preservation. Collectors particularly seek trade dollars for their historical context and intricate design.

This gorgeous coin has purple and blue gunmetal toning on both sides. A mere 979 examples were struck in Proof format this year, and few of them have been preserved with such stunning aesthetics as the present example.  It is far nicer in hand, under good light, than these images convey.

The obverse of the 1883 Trade Dollar features the elegant Seated Liberty, a design by Christian Gobrecht. Lady Liberty is shown seated on a rock, holding a shield in one hand and an olive branch in the other, symbolizing peace and protection. In PR-64 condition, the coin displays sharp details and mirror-like surfaces with minimal imperfections, underscoring its high quality.

The reverse side showcases a detailed eagle clutching arrows in its right talon and an olive branch in its left. The inscriptions "420 Grains, 900 Fine" below the eagle indicate the coin’s silver content and purity. The top of the coin is inscribed with "United States of America," and a banner with "E Pluribus Unum" is displayed above the eagle. The Proof-64 grade ensures that the coin retains its reflective surfaces and sharp details, making it a visually impressive piece.

Condition and Certification
Certified by PCGS in Proof-64, this 1883 Trade Dollar exemplifies exceptional quality and preservation. The PR-64 grade signifies a coin with outstanding eye appeal and only minor imperfections that do not detract from its overall beauty. PCGS certification guarantees the coin's authenticity and quality, providing confidence for collectors.

Historical Context
The 1883 Trade Dollar, minted during the height of the American silver trade era, represents a significant period in U.S. history. The Trade Dollar was initially intended for commerce with Asia, reflecting America's economic ambitions in the late 19th century. These coins are celebrated for their limited production and historical significance, enhancing their collectible value.

The 1883 Trade Dollar in PCGS-certified Proof-64 condition is a prestigious addition to any numismatic collection. Its historical importance, high-proof quality, and meticulous design make it a coveted piece for collectors. Austin Rare Coins & Bullion offers this item for purchase for those interested in acquiring this coin or exploring other historic coins. Contact an Austin Rare Coins Advisor for more details about this exceptional coin and other numismatic treasures.

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1889 | CC Morgan | NGC | VF-35

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