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1922-36 | Egyptian Medal | PCGS SP Genuine | Ambulance Organization | Gilt-Ae

The 1922-36 Egyptian Medal holds profound historical significance, commemorating the valiant efforts of the Egypt Ambulance Organization during a critical era. Certified by PCGS as a genuine Specimen Strike with uncirculated details, this gilt-bronze medal is a testament to the selfless dedication of those who served in the organization.

The obverse of the medal features a striking bust of King Fuad I, adorned with an Egyptian-style hat. Arabic inscriptions adorn the space above and below the bust, adding to the medal's authenticity and cultural resonance.

On the reverse, a captivating scene unfolds, depicting a group of Egyptian individuals providing assistance and support to a fellow countryman in need. At the center of the design, a star with a crown symbolizes honor and recognition, overlooking the compassionate act of aid rendered by the figures below. Surrounding the central scene, two trees stand as symbols of life and resilience, while additional individuals engage in acts of care and kindness, including a man attending to a child and a woman tending to a bowl.

Notably, this medal has been gilded with a thin layer of gold over its bronze base, enhancing its aesthetic appeal and giving it the appearance of solid gold. Despite its Uncirculated Detail designation, this medal retains its original brilliance and artistic integrity, serving as a poignant reminder of the humanitarian endeavors undertaken by the Egypt Ambulance Organization.

This exceptional medal, available exclusively at Austin Rare Coins & Bullion, offers collectors a rare opportunity to acquire a piece of Egyptian history. Contact us today to speak with a Rare Coin Advisor and secure this esteemed relic for your collection.

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1922-36 | Egyptian Medal | PCGS SP Genuine | Ambulance Organization | Gilt-Ae
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