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MS-69 NGC 1-oz 2021 Gold American Buffalo

The one ounce 2020 American Gold Buffalo is without question one of the most beautiful and desirable of all gold bullion issues produced around the globe each year. Containing one ounce of pure, 24 Karat gold, these iconic coins have been issued by the US Mint since 2006. Each coin in this offer has been certified and graded by NGC, one of the top two grading services in the industry, and has achieved the near-perfect grade of Mint State 69. ***NOTE> Prefer PCGS or looking for a specific label? We can help. Just call us at 1-800-928-6468.

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The American Buffalo Gold Coin series was originally minted to offer investors a private, liquid, and beautiful 24 karat gold coin. However, the series has enjoyed a double demand from both coin collectors and gold investors.

No one can predict how high collector demand will be or how high prices could go. But so far, we are very excited about the early collector interest we've seen. It's always extremely important to put away the rarest and finest modern issues early, before premiums rise, and before collectors bid-up prices.

Double Profit Opportunity

For a variety of reasons we are really excited about the investment potential for this year's Gold Buffalos.

1. The 2020 American Buffalo will rise dollar for dollar with rising gold price.
2. Once the minting is halted, collector demand could outstrip the limited number of coins minted, leaving collectors forced to bid-up prices on the secondary market.

As always, we feel the time to put away modern coins is while the word of the low mintage has not yet leaked out, the premiums are still low, and you can find the coins you want in stock. We urge our clients to put away several of these beautiful and intriguing 2020 American Buffalo Gold Coins right now, before it's too late.

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