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Alexander the Great | Gold Stater | NGC | AU 4X2

King of Macedon, Alexander the Great Gold Stater

This stunning Gold Stater from the era of Alexander the Great is a remarkable testament to the legacy of one of history's greatest conquerors. Certified by NGC Ancients in About Uncirculated (AU) condition, with a Strike rating of 4/5 and a Surface rating of 2/5, this coin was issued under Ptolemy I. Featuring Athena on the obverse and Nike on the reverse, this Stater is an exceptional piece of ancient numismatics.

Historical Context

Alexander the Great, King of Macedon, is renowned for creating one of the largest empires in history by the time of his death in 323 BC. His empire, known as the Diadochi, was divided among his generals after his death. Ptolemy I, one of these generals, took control of Egypt and continued to mint coins in Alexander’s name, reflecting his allegiance to Alexander and his authority.

Obverse: Athena

The obverse of this Gold Stater features the goddess Athena, revered as the goddess of wisdom, war, and craftsmanship. Athena is depicted wearing a crested helmet, emphasizing her martial prowess and strategic acumen. The intricate details of the helmet and her serene expression highlight the skill of ancient engravers, capturing both her divine and warrior attributes.

Reverse: Nike

The coin's reverse showcases Nike, the winged goddess of victory, a fitting symbol for a coin associated with Alexander the Great. Nike is depicted standing, holding a wreath in her right hand and a stylus in her left, symbolizing victory and triumph. This imagery celebrates Alexander's empire's military successes and far-reaching influence, reinforcing the coin's significance.

Certification and Condition

This Gold Stater, certified by NGC Ancients in About Uncirculated (AU) condition, is a remarkable example of ancient coinage. The Strike rating of 4/5 indicates that the coin's design elements are sharply defined and well-preserved. The Surface rating of 2/5 reflects some wear and handling marks typical for a coin of its age, adding to its historical character and authenticity.

Numismatic Significance

The Alexander the Great Gold Stater, issued by Ptolemy I, holds immense numismatic and historical value. Its connection to one of history’s most influential figures and the transitional period following Alexander’s death make it a highly sought-after piece. The detailed depictions of Athena and Nike, coupled with its certification and condition, make this coin a standout addition to any collection, offering a direct link to the ancient world and Alexander the Great's enduring legacy.

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Alexander the Great | Gold Stater | NGC | AU 4X2
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