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Alexander III | Silver Tetradrachm | CH AU 5x4

The silver tetradrachms of Alexander the Great, struck over 2,300 years ago, are remarkable relics that continue to captivate us today. These coins serve as a testament to his enduring legacy.

Graded in Choice About Uncirculated condition with a Strike rating of 5/5 and Surface rating of 4/5, it has the visage of Hercules, depicted wearing a lion-head helmet, on the obverse. This iconic representation symbolizes the strength and bravery associated with the legendary hero.

On the reverse, we encounter the majestic figure of Zeus, seated on a throne, clutching an eagle and a scepter. This portrayal signifies Alexander's divine connection and solidifies his status as a powerful ruler.

The tetradrachms of Alexander the Great hold a prominent place among the 100 Greatest Ancient coins, standing proudly at the 20th position. Their historical significance, combined with their exceptional grade and early posthumous issue, make these coins highly sought after by collectors and enthusiasts who appreciate their rich heritage and enduring beauty.

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We have a limited quantity of authentic Alexander the Great silver tetradrachms, each certified by NGC Ancients. The coin pictured is not the exact one you will receive, however, the quality and grade you can expect when you order.
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