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Alexander III | Tetradrachm | NGC | CHAU 4x4 Lifetime

A much rarer "lifetime" issue---meaning the coin was issued during the lifetime of Alexander the Great versus coins that may have been issued posthumously. The Silver Tetradrachm is one of the most famous coins from the ancient world and one of the most coveted by collectors. Among the many Silver Tetradrachms that were minted, the coins issued by Alexander the Great are perhaps the most sought-after. These coins are considered masterpieces of ancient numismatic art and are a testament to Alexander's remarkable military and cultural achievements. 

The Alexander the Great Silver Tetradrachm in CH-AU 4x4 Lifetime edition available at Austin Rare Coins & Bullion is a stunning example of this coin. The coin features the portrait of Heracles on the obverse, wearing a lion-skin headdress, and the reverse depicts the god Zeus seated on a throne, holding an eagle and scepter. The coin is struck in high relief, which accentuates the exquisite details of the design, and the mint luster is exceptional.

The CH-AU 4x4 Lifetime edition of the Alexander the Great Silver Tetradrachm is certified by NGC. The coin composition consists of.925 sterling silver and its weight is around 17.15 grams. This coin is a must-have for ancient coin collectors and a remarkable work of numismatic beauty.

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