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Alexander The Great | Silver Drachm | Very Fine

Delve into history with the Kingdom of Macedon Silver Drachm, an Early Posthumous issue from 336-323 BC, minted during the reign of Alexander the Great. Certified in Choice Fine condition by NGC Ancients, this coin is both a tangible relic of the past and a prized collectible.

On the obverse, you'll find the iconic figure of Heracles, symbolizing strength and heroism. The reverse features Zeus, the king of the gods, seated on a throne while clutching an eagle, a symbol of his divine authority. This remarkable coin encapsulates the spirit of Alexander's era, where mythology and power were intertwined to establish his dominion and vision.

Due to its historical significance and limited availability, we anticipate high demand among collectors. These coins tend to be quickly acquired by those who recognize their value. If you're a dedicated collector, seize the opportunity to add this exceptional Kingdom of Macedon Silver Drachm to your collection. It's a chance to own a piece of history and a testament to one of the greatest conquerors of all time.

The picture shown is indicative of the coin you will receive.  We have a limited supply that we do not expect to last long, so grab yours today. 

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Alexander The Great | Silver Drachm | NGC Very Fine
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