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Complete Set of American Silver Eagles NGC Mint State 69 (1986-2020)

Since the first day American Eagle Silver Dollars were released in 1986, they've been the most highly prized silver bullion coins in the world! Brilliant Uncirculated versions of American Eagles are not sold directly by the U.S. Mint to the public but are available only through authorized distributors and their agents.

This complete date set includes the tough dates we seldom see, like the dates from the mid 1990s, before people were trying to preserve these coins in the highest grades possible. Every coin is slabbed and certified by NGC/PCGS in near perfect Mint State 69 condition.

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Full Strikes with Fine Details

These 35 coin date sets of Silver Eagles are extraordinary in quality. Each one was carefully hand-picked for detailed, full strikes, and great eye appeal. We then sent the coins to the third party grading services of NGC where their numismatists individually inspected each coin for quality.

Only those that met the highest standards of MS-69 were certified authentic and encapsulated along with their official NGC grading certificates. While American Eagles are easy enough to hunt down in nice condition, only a tiny percentage of them have been certified to meet the strict MS-69 grading standards.

Coins for Demanding Collectors

This is a rare opportunity to acquire one "nearly perfect" specimen of every Silver Eagle minted since 1986- the first year of issue. This will be the foundation for a set that you can continue to build for years to come.

In past decades, classic Silver Dollars tended to be handled, scratched, cleaned or melted down in the great silver meltdowns when silver prices topped $50 an ounce. For that reason, the highest quality Silver Dollars have become the rarest, hardest to find, and most expensive. In the future, history could very well repeat itself. Only time will tell how valuable complete, nearly perfect sets of American Eagles will become one day with rising silver prices and increasing collector interest.

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