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Roman | Antoninus Pius | Denarius | CH-MS 5x5-FS

The ancient Roman Empire Antoninus Pius Silver Denarius is a remarkable coin dating from the reign of Antoninus Pius, who ruled from AD 138 to 161. This particular denarius, weighing 2.92 grams, is certified by NGC Ancients in Choice Mint State condition, with a fine style, and awarded a perfect strike and surface rating of 5/5. These characteristics make it an outstanding example of Roman coinage from one of the most stable and prosperous periods in Roman history.

Obverse The obverse of the coin features a bust of Antoninus Pius, one of Rome's most respected and benevolent emperors. He is typically depicted with a laurel wreath, symbolizing his status as an emperor and his peaceful reign. The details on this bust are exceptionally clear, thanks to the coin's perfect strike and meticulous preservation, showcasing the artistic skill of Roman minters during the Antonine period.

Reverse The reverse of this denarius typically showcases a Roman deity, allegorical figure, or symbol of Roman power. The precise design can vary, but it often reflects the themes of prosperity, justice, and harmony that characterized Antoninus Pius's reign. These symbols served to communicate the ideals and stability of his rule to the Roman populace. The reverse also includes inscriptions, indicating the coin's origin and the titles of the emperor, providing further historical context.

Condition and Certification The Choice Mint State condition of this denarius indicates that it has retained much of its original detail and luster, with minimal signs of wear. The perfect strike and surface ratings by NGC Ancients are a testament to its quality, making it a highly desirable piece for collectors of ancient Roman coinage. The certification by NGC ensures the authenticity and condition of the coin, giving collectors confidence in their acquisition.

Historical Significance Antoninus Pius's reign was marked by stability, economic growth, and a strong commitment to Roman traditions. Coins like this denarius reflect the prosperity and order of his rule. They played a vital role in commerce and helped to solidify Antoninus Pius's image as a wise and just ruler. Collecting a coin from this period provides a tangible connection to a time when the Roman Empire was at its height.

This unique and beautifully preserved Silver Denarius is available for purchase at Austin Rare Coins & Bullion. If you'd like to know more about this coin or other ancient Roman Empire coins, speak to an Austin Rare Coins Advisor for additional information.

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Roman | Antoninus Pius | Denarius | CH-MS
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