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Antoninus Pius Gold Aureus NGC VF 5x4 Fine Style

The emperor depicted on this gold aureus was none other than the father who adopted Marcus Aurelius. The emperor is shown on the obverse in royal fashion and details are fully evident with clean even wear on the high points. This coin has received the fine style designation implying it to be of the highest artistic quality.

Ancient coins like this Antoninus Pius Gold Aureus are beautiful, miniature works of art, and true pieces of history. They tell stories of ancient times and ancient traditions. 

Antoninus was born with the name Titus Aurelius Fulvus Boionius Arrius Antoninus. He was born near Lanuvium A.D. 86. Antoninus was adopted by Emperor Hadrian on February 25th, A.D. 138 only months before he died. When Hadrian passed away on July 2nd, 138 of congestive heart failure after his long reign, Antoninus ascended the throne. Antoninus carried out the same plan for his successor when he died March 7th, 161... he was succeeded by Marcus Aurelius whom he had also adopted.

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Antoninus Pius Gold Aureus NGC VF 5x4 Fine Style
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