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Athens | Silver Owl | Tetradrachm | CH-VF 4x3 | Full Crest

The Attica Athens Silver Tetradrachm, from 440-404 B.C., is a unique piece of ancient Greek history. This coin, weighing 17.19 grams, is certified by NGC Ancients in Choice Very Fine condition with a Strike rating of 4/5 and a Surface rating of 3/5. Notably, this coin is part of the rare "Full Crest" edition, indicating the visible, well-defined crest on Athena's helmet, enhancing its desirability among collectors and numismatists.

Obverse The obverse of this Tetradrachm features the iconic Athena, the Greek goddess of wisdom and warfare, facing right. She wears a distinctive crested helmet, emphasizing her military prowess and connection to Athens. The intricate detailing of her helmet and facial features makes this "Full Crest" edition especially sought-after, showcasing the skilled craftsmanship of ancient Athenian minters.

Reverse On the reverse, the classic Athenian symbol of the owl is depicted, standing with wings folded and gazing directly forward. This symbol is associated with Athena, reinforcing the city's reverence for the goddess. The reverse design also includes additional elements, such as an olive branch and a crescent moon, enriching the coin's symbolism and aesthetic appeal.

Condition and Certification The coin's certification in Choice Very Fine condition reflects a good balance between preservation and historical character. The Strike rating of 4/5 indicates that most of the original detail is well-defined, while the Surface rating of 3/5 acknowledges some signs of wear. The "Full Crest" designation further elevates its status, highlighting the coin's unique features.

Historical Context Minted during a significant period in Athens' history, this Silver Tetradrachm was used for trade, tribute, and military expenses during the Peloponnesian War. As a circulating currency, it symbolizes Athens' economic and political reach during its golden age, offering a tangible connection to the classical era.

Conclusion The Attica Athens Silver Tetradrachm "Full Crest" is a remarkable artifact with a unique historical legacy. Its design and certification by NGC Ancients make it a compelling addition to any collection. If you are interested in acquiring this coin or exploring other ancient coins, Austin Rare Coins & Bullion has this item available for purchase. Contact an Austin Rare Coins Advisor for more information on this exceptional piece and other treasures from antiquity.

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Attica Athens | Silver Owl | Tetradrachm | CH-VF 4x3 | Full Crest
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