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Attica Athens | Silver Owl | Tetradrachm | MS 5x4

Introducing the Attica, Athens Silver Tetradrachm, a remarkable relic from the classical era of ancient Greece. Minted between 440-404 BC, this coin weighs 17.19 grams and is certified by NGC in Mint State condition. With a striking Strike rating of 5/5 and a Surface rating of 4/5, this Tetradrachm showcases exceptional detail and craftsmanship.  The coin has endearing, original surface colorations not found on many high grade Athenian Owls.

On the obverse, the majestic figure of Athena, the goddess of wisdom and warfare, graces the coin, radiating strength and wisdom. The reverse features a distinctive depiction of an owl, symbolizing Athena's wisdom, accompanied by an olive leaf and crescent moon, emblematic of Athens' cultural and economic prosperity.

While this Tetradrachm bears minor surface imperfections, such as a scuff at 4 O'clock on the reverse, its overall condition remains pristine, allowing collectors to appreciate its historical significance and beauty. Owning this coin offers a tangible connection to ancient Athens, one of the most influential city-states in classical antiquity.

Add this extraordinary Attica, Athens Silver Tetradrachm to your collection and embark on a journey through the rich history and culture of ancient Greece.

The coin shown is the exact coin you will receive.

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Attica Athens | Silver Owl | Tetradrachm | Mint State 5x4
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