How To Build a Portfolio with Rare Coins

Our Austin Time-Tested Strategy

Since long-term appreciation is a primary goal of building a collection of rare coins, it’s important to have a strategy in place from the very beginning. To capitalize on today’s growing rare coin market, we’d like to share a few time-proven keys to success. We feel this approach will help you better identify U.S. rare coins that historically offer you the best potential over the long run.

Think Like a Rare Coin Collector1848-O Liberty Gold Coin

Time has proven that serious collectors tend to make the most money in the rare coin market. They eagerly search for rarity, quality, and undervalued coins.

Likewise, your goal should be to locate areas of the market that are undervalued today. This is where our experience pays off for you.

Put Rare Coins in Perspective

Coins are considered rare because they have a fixed, limited supply. No more will be minted ever. Meanwhile the number of coin collectors continues to grow decade by decade putting increasing demand on the top end of the rare coin market.

In a short supply, demand-driven market, sometimes prices rise dramatically when high demand overwhelms the available coins in that category.

Since it’s hard to predict the success of any one area of the market, we recommend you diversify and acquire coins from popular date to rare date gold as well as a variety of silver dollars down to small denominations of coins.

Building a rare coin collection with a variety of coin types is a very enjoyable way to collect and it can prove to be quite rewarding in the long run. That’s especially true if you assemble your rare coin collection with a minimum of a 5 to 7 year holding period in mind. 

Take a Balanced, Diversified Approach

To build a successful collection of rare coins, we feel that it’s important to take a balanced and diversified approach. Once you've established a foundation in ordinary Gold Bullion and Silver Bullion, then Pre-1933 United States Rare Coins offer the next logical step to balance and diversify your precious metals.

Be Conservative and Be Patient

Wealth takes time to accumulate — and so do great rare coin collections. We recommend you start with a conservative approach and a price range that’s completely comfortable for you. A diversified approach with gold coins, silver dollars, and a variety of dates makes any collection more interesting and also provides you with exposure to a wider range of market moves.

Pick Coins That Enjoy Strong Market Demand

Start with an area of the rare coin market that has a broad base of both active investors and old-time collectors. The more avid and wealthy the base of buyers, the more successful you can be long term. This is where our knowledge and expertise comes in. We will work closely with you to establish goals, a budget, and make the best recommendations for your particular situation.

Buy the Best Coins You Can Afford

Be picky and insist on the highest quality rare coins that you can afford. The best coins are always in short supply. In today’s hot precious metals markets, we often see impressive price rallies for top-end coins. As a result, harder-to-find rare coins most often are the best gainers and the easiest to sell later to ready and willing buyers.

Search Out Coins With Genuine RarityCarson City Morgan mint mark

For clients who can afford the luxury, we recommend acquiring classic rarities or high-end coins. These are items that were rare a century ago and will continue to be rare a century from now. They typically have low mintages, extremely low survival rates, and tend to do incredibly well when re-sold.

Key date rarities are items that are the stoppers in a particular series. In other words, the one particular issue that poses the most difficulty to obtain.

As an example, we recently sold an 1864-S $10 Liberty certified by PCGS in XF-45 condition. While not an incredibly high grade example, it is one of around twenty examples known in the world today from a mintage of just 2,500 coins originally produced in San Francisco during the Civil War.

Typically when a collector is trying to construct a set of $10 Liberty Head Gold, this is the final coin acquired due to its extreme rarity. These are the types of rare coins that do well when acquired and held for a period of time.

Seek Out Expert Advice

Hundreds of coin types have been issued by the U.S. Mint over the past 229 years. Typically, coin collectors and dealers specialize in distinct areas of interest. Finding a dealer who knows his business is paramount.

At Austin Rare Coins & Bullion our team of advisors can get you started with a small collection or build a million dollar unique portfolio of truly rare coins. Whether you are looking for inexpensive coins or the finest rarities, we’re here to help you build your collection regardless of your budget. At the end of the day, we proudly provide personalized service that puts the needs of each and every one of our clients first.

Build a Strong Relationship

As you start collecting, you should build a long-term relationship with an honest and respected firm like Austin Rare Coins & Bullion. Founded in 1989, our team of gold specialists are passionate and dedicated to offering both an enjoyable experience and a rewarding endeavor.

We display our expertise, integrity, and honesty by working with our clients on a personalized one-on-one basis each and every day. Either in person, over the phone, or by e-mail across the country, we’ve earned our unblemished reputation by maintaining an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau.

The next step is yours. Let our team of Austin Advisors answer all your questions. We can guide you into the best private, non-reportable hard assets to meet your needs and budget. After over 30 years in the rare coin business and over $1 billion in transactions, Austin Rare Coins is uniquely qualified to build you a remarkable collection of rare coins. Whether you are investing $50,000 or a million dollars in a collection, let us help you do it right and avoid novice mistakes by providing expert advice that pays.

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