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Byzantine | Anonymous | AE Follis | AU

The Byzantine Empire produced a remarkable coinage that reflects the richness of the civilization. One of the notable pieces is the anonymous AE Follis issued between 1020 and 1028 AD, known as Class A3. The coin features a bust of Christ on the obverse, with his head facing forward and holding the Gospels. The reverse side displays an inscription surrounded by a four-line border. This beautiful coin, certified by NGC in Choice About Uncirculated condition, is a rare find for collectors.

The AE Follis was a copper coin that was widely circulated in the Byzantine Empire during the Middle Ages. The Class A3 issue is particularly interesting because it features Christ, the most important figure in Christianity, and was likely produced during the reign of Emperor Basil II. The coin is a testament to the influence of religion in Byzantine culture and the significance of numismatics as a historical record.

Certified by NGC in Choice About Uncirculated condition, this Byzantine AE Follis is a fantastic addition to any collection. With its beautiful design, historical significance, and impressive certification, this coin is sure to attract the attention of serious collectors. Don't miss the opportunity to add this stunning piece of Byzantine history to your collection.

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Byzantine | Anonymous | AE Follis | AU
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