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Caracalla | Roman Silver | Denarius | XF

Step back in time to the ancient world with this exquisite Roman Empire Ancient Caracalla Severus Denarius, dating from AD 198-217, now available from The Seven Hills Hoard Collection. Certified by NGC in Extremely Fine Condition, this coin offers a tangible connection to the glory days of the Roman Empire.

Caracalla, the son of Septimius Severus and Julia Domna, rose to power after the murder of his own brother, Geta, in 211, granting him complete control over the Roman Empire. Despite his controversial rise to power, Caracalla left a lasting legacy, most notably through the construction of the iconic baths in Rome, which remain a major tourist attraction to this day.

The obverse of the coin features a majestic portrait of Caracalla, capturing his likeness with remarkable detail and highlighting his status as Emperor of Rome. On the reverse, a captivating scene unfolds, showcasing various allegorical figures and symbols that reflect the ideological and cultural values of the ancient Roman world.

Caracalla's reign, marked by both military conquests and internal strife, came to an abrupt end with his assassination in 217. Despite the controversies surrounding his rule, Caracalla's contributions to Roman history are undeniable, and this Severus Denarius serves as a tangible reminder of his enduring legacy. Explore the rich history of ancient Rome and acquire this prestigious coin from The Seven Hills Hoard Collection today, available for purchase at Austin Rare Coins and Bullion.

Please know that we have several coins all of which are in XF. The coin pictured may now be the exact coin that you will receive but all coins are similar in grade and eye appeal.

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Caracalla | Roman Silver | Denarius | XF
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