Coins allowed in a Gold IRA


American Gold Eagle CoinsAmerican Gold Eagle CoinsAmerican Gold Eagle Coins are the most popular gold bullion coins in the world today. As such, American Eagle Gold Coins - are highly sought-after by both coin collectors and gold investors alike. We know you'll love the magnificent designs and the high-quality strikes of these popular gold bullion coins. These are the safest and most recognizable gold coins in the world.

  • Guaranteed Gold Weight - American Eagle Gold Coins are the only 91.69% fine gold bullion coins guaranteed by the U.S. Mint for their gold weight and content.
  • Genuine Legal Tender Gold Coins - Authorized by an act of Congress in 1986, American Eagles are official legal tender gold coins of the United States.
  • 22 Karat Solid Gold - By law, Gold Eagles are struck in 91.67% fine gold with their total gold weight shown on the reverse of each coin. In addition, each gold coin contains additional silver and copper which hardens and protects the gold finish from wear and scratches.

American Buffalo Gold CoinsAmerican Buffalo Gold Coins - The American Buffalo Gold Coin series has been one of the most popular bullion coin releases ever! The U.S. Mint currently produces the American Buffalo Gold Coins, and these gold coins are available for immediate delivery. Order your American Buffalo Gold Coins today.

  • Not Available from the U.S. Mint - As always, the bullion series of American Buffalo Gold Coins will not be directly available from the U.S. Mint. While they last, Austin Rare Coins & Bullion will offer the American Buffalo Gold Coins directly to the public.
  • Official Legal Tender - The American Buffalo Coins are unique as the first ever 24-karat gold coins minted by the U.S. Mint. The American Buffalo Gold Coins are official legal tender struck at the U.S. Mint in West Point. They bear all the official coin designations like the United States of America, Liberty, E Pluribus Unum, and In God We Trust. They exhibit their gold weight and content as well as a $50 face value.
  • Minted in 99.99% Solid Gold - The American Buffalo Gold Coins contain one troy ounce of gold refined to a .9999 purity. These are the only coins of their kind fully backed and guaranteed by the U.S. Government as to purity, weight, and 24-karat gold content.

Australian Kangaroo Gold Coin

  • Australian Kangaroo Gold Coins - The Australian Kangaroo Gold Coins are a favorite among investors and collectors. They combine great features of being genuine legal tender gold coins, mintages that are strictly limited, and a design that changes every year.
  • Australian Gold Kangaroos offer the gold coin collector both the benefit of gold price increases and the potential for numismatic appreciation based on collector appeal and rarity.
  • Gold Bullion Coins - Kangaroo Gold Coins are universally recognized as official legal tender gold bullion coins and are backed by Australia, a major gold-producing country.
  • 99.99% Gold Coins - Kangaroo Gold Coins are guaranteed by the Australian Mint to be minted in 99.99% pure gold. We love the deep rich gold color of Australian coins that are very different from American Eagle Gold Coins minted in 91.69% fine gold.


Austrian Philharmonic Gold Coin

  • Austrian Philharmonic Gold Coins - Imagine owning a historic series of gold coins struck at one of the world's most famous mints! In its 800-year history, the Austrian Mint has created an unmatched reputation for striking high-quality gold coins with unique designs.
  • Highest Quality 99.99% Fine Gold - The Austrian Philharmonics Gold Coins are another milestone in history, struck in 99.99% solid gold. Neither the luster of the gold nor its romance is dimmed by alloyed metals.
  • Highly Popular Worldwide - The Austrian Philharmonic series enjoys the reputation of being the best-selling gold coins in the world both in 1992 and again in 1995. With these gold coins, you possess an international currency recognized globally.
  • Harmonious Design - The musical instruments appearing on each gold coin honor the world-famous Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra. The great organ in the Vienna Golden Concert Hall is the theme for the obverse side along with the face value in Austrian Schillings plus the weight, fineness, and year of issue.

Canadian Maple Leaf

  • Canadian Maple Leaf Gold Coins - Finest 99.99% Gold - As the world's first investment grade Gold Coins to achieve the heightened standard of 99.99% pure gold, Canadian Maple Leaf Gold Coins offer maximum liquidity, portability, and value preservation.
  • Government Guaranteed Quality - The Government of Canada produces Gold Maple Leafs and guarantees their gold content and purity. The Canadian Maple Leaf Gold Coins are "official legal tender" in a country well-known for its stability, independence, and freedom.
  • Magnificent Coin Designs - Many people also enjoy collecting Canadian Maple Leaf Gold Bullion Coins for their beautiful designs. The legal tender status of this gold coin is embodied in the symbol of the country's famous maple leaf. The obverse features the bust of Queen Elizabeth II.

China Gold Panda Coins

  • China Gold Panda CoinsThe Gold Panda Coins are made with a unique design every year. Coin Collectors love these always popular coins and can't wait to see the new original release each year.
  • Minted in 99.99% fine gold, the Gold Panda Coins are very popular with both coin collectors and investors.
  • Gold Panda Coin Demand Since they were first minted in 1982, the Chinese Panda Gold Coins have been created for the demanding coin collector as a tribute to China's endangered Giant Panda Bears. The combination of intricate detailing and the annual design changes make the China Panda Gold Coins unique.
  • Each Gold Panda Coin is individually sealed at the China Mint in a clear plastic holder to protect the 99.99% pure gold from the harmful effects of moisture and handling.  


Credit Suisse Gold Bars

  • Gold Bars - Gold bullion bars and gold bars are produced by international refiners to make it convenient for gold investors to own gold bullion, by offering gold bars in a variety of weights and sizes, ranging from one troy ounce to 400 troy ounces.
  • Broker commissions on buying and selling gold bars are minimal, and in most cases, purchasing Gold bars is one of the most cost-efficient means of owning Gold.
  • To find out more about how to purchase and place gold bars into your gold IRA account check out our gold bar's page.
  • A very popular gold bar for gold investment is the Credit Suisse Gold Bar. This gold bar is one ounce with fine gold to 99.99% certified and preserved in a plastic ingot card to protect and preserve your gold bars.