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Indian Head Gold 4-Coin Set Certified Mint State 63

If you believe current gold prices offer solid value, than you must consider the Pre-1933 certified U.S. gold coin market. Today, premiums for this material are at historic lows, allowing you to own genuine, mint condition United States gold coins for very close to their melt value. Each set will contain a certified example of a $20 Saint Gaudens (Double Eagle), $10 Indian (Eagle), $5 Indian (Half-Eagle) and $2 1/2 Indian (Quarter Eagle). Dates will vary and typically range from 1908-1929 and will contain coins struck in either Philadelphia, Denver, or San Francisco. Containing roughly 1.8 ounces of pure gold, these Mint State-63 Indian Head gold coin sets offer solid value in the current marketplace. This area of the coin market bridges the gap between modern bullion and truly rare coins. Each set will come certified in Choice Uncirculated, Mint State 63 condition graded by either NGC or PCGS, one of the top two grading services in the marketplace today. If you're looking for specific dates or different quality, please call 1-800-928-6468 to speak with one of our helpful specialists.

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Indian Head gold coins were circulating coinage of the early 1900's and are comprised of three major design types. The $20 and the $10 denominations were designed by Augustus Saint-Gaudens, a famous sculptor of the era. The obverse of the $20 depicts Lady Liberty, holding a torch and olive branch, walking away from the capital. The date is shown in the right field. The reverse depicts a soaring eagle with United States of America and Twenty Dollars above. The $10 Indian design is unique, depicting a bust of Lady Liberty adorned with a native American headdress. The reverse depicts a perched eagle grasping arrows and an olive branch, surrounded by the words "United States of America" and the denomination underneath. Both the $5 Indian and $2 1/2 Indian gold coins were designed by Bela Lyon Pratt and feature an Indian Chief with details carved into the surface of the coin, referred to as an "incuse" design. All four denominations have the same design but vary in size and gold content based on their face value.
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