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Ionia | Miletus | Electrum | El Hecte | F 3x4

Over 2,600 years old, this Electrum Recumbant Lion 1/6th stater is one of the oldest coins in the world.

Step back in time to the dawn of coinage with the Ionia, Miletus c600-550 BC, Electrum Hecte (1/6 stater)—an intriguing artifact from ancient Ionia, Greece that captivates with its enigmatic design and historical significance. Weighing 2.30 grams, this Electrum Hecte offers a window into the early experimentation and development of currency in the Ionian region.

Obverse - Recumbent Lion: On the obverse side of this Ionia, Miletus El Hecte, a recumbent lion framed within a border dominates the design. Despite some wear, the lion's form is discernible, hinting at the intricate details of its original depiction.

Reverse - Incuse Punches: Flipping the coin to its reverse side reveals two distinct incuse punches. These deeply impressed marks, characteristic of early electrum coins from the Ionian region, remain a subject of scholarly debate, adding an air of mystery to the coin's history.

Condition and Rarity: Despite its age and wear, the El Hecte from Ionia maintains its allure, earning a Fine condition rating. With a Strike rating of 3/5 and a Surface rating of 4/5, the coin displays the expected signs of circulation. Such preservation is noteworthy for a coin of this era, making it a prized addition to any collection.  None of these are known to exist in uncirculated condition.

Historical Significance: As a product of the Ionian region's early contributions to coinage and trade, the El Hecte holds significant historical importance. It serves as a tangible link to the development of standardized currency systems and the economic complexities of the ancient world.

In Summary: The Ionia, Miletus El Hecte, with its recumbent lion obverse and enigmatic incuse punches reverse, stands as a captivating relic of ancient Ionian coinage. Despite its wear, its historical significance and rarity make it a prized acquisition for collectors and enthusiasts alike.

The coin depicted is the exact specimen you will receive, offering a tangible connection to the ancient past.

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Ionia | Miletus | Electrum | El Hecte | F 3x4
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