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Lucius Verus | Gold Aureus | Ch-AU 5x5

Behold the Roman Empire's historical richness encapsulated in the Lucius Verus Gold Aureus, minted between AD 161-169. This numismatic masterpiece, weighing 6.84 grams, presents Lucius Verus in a commanding profile, facing right on the obverse. The Choice About Uncirculated grade, with a striking 5/5 for both strike and surface, attests to the coin's remarkable state of preservation and clear, finely detailed features.  This is an absolutely wonderful example of Roman gold coinage and struck in extremely high, life-like relief.

On the reverse, witness a captivating scene as Marcus Aurelius greets Lucius Verus. This intricate depiction immortalizes a significant moment in Roman history, offering a glimpse into the political and imperial dynamics of the time. The 5/5 strike and surface ratings further emphasize the coin's exceptional condition, allowing each detail of this historical tableau to shine.

This Gold Aureus not only serves as a tangible connection to the Roman Empire but also stands as a testament to the craftsmanship and artistry of ancient minting. Whether you're a seasoned collector or a history enthusiast, acquiring this Choice About Uncirculated Lucius Verus Gold Aureus adds a touch of imperial grandeur to your numismatic journey.

Secure a piece of antiquity that transcends time, embodying the legacy of Lucius Verus and the grandeur of the Roman Empire.


The coin pictured will be the exact coin the exact coin you will receive. 

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Lucius Verus | Gold Aureus | Ch-AU 5x5
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