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Lydia | Croesus | 12th Stater | CH-VF Star 5x3

The Lydia Croesus Silver 1/12th Stater is a captivating antiquity artifact, offering a glimpse into the prosperity and craftsmanship of the Lydian civilization. Certified by NGC Ancients in Choice Very Fine (Ch VF) condition with a Star designation (given for exceptional eye appeal), this coin also boasts a perfect Strike grade of 5/5 and a Surface grade of 3/5, underscoring its remarkable state of preservation.

It is well known that the coinage of Croesus is the first true silver and gold coinage in human history!

Historical Context

This 12th stater was minted during the reign of Croesus, the last king of Lydia (circa 595-546 BCE), a period marked by immense wealth and innovation. Lydia, located in what is now modern-day Turkey, was famed for its rich deposits of gold and silver. King Croesus is celebrated for introducing the first true bimetallic coinage, revolutionizing ancient economic systems with standardized gold and silver coins.

Design and Symbolism

The obverse of the 12th stater typically features iconic Lydian imagery, such as the lion and bull motif. The lion symbolizes the monarchy and its strength, while the bull represents fertility and economic prosperity. This powerful imagery reflects the dual aspects of Lydia's greatness: its regal power and abundant resources.

The reverse side usually bears a simple punch mark, a characteristic feature of early coinage. This mark guaranteed the coin's weight and metal content, ensuring its acceptance in trade.

NGC Ancients Certification

Certified in Choice Very Fine (Ch VF) condition, this coin exhibits moderate wear with significant details that are well-preserved. The Star designation highlights its exceptional eye appeal, indicating it stands out among others of its kind. The Strike grade of 5/5 points to the coin's sharp and detailed imagery, showcasing the skill of Lydian minters. The Surface grade of 3/5 suggests some surface imperfections, common in ancient coins, but overall, it remains in excellent condition for its age.

Significance and Collectibility

The Lydia Croesus Silver AR 12th Stater is a unique and valuable piece of ancient currency. Its certification by NGC Ancients assures collectors of its authenticity and condition, enhancing its desirability and value.

You can purchase this extraordinary Lydia Croesus Silver AR 12th Stater today at Austin Rare Coins & Bullion. It offers a direct connection to the ancient world and a unique piece of numismatic history.

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Lydia | Croesus | 12th Stater | CH-VF Star 5x3
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