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Maur. Tiberius | Gold Solidus | Mint State 3x4

The Maur. Tiberius Gold Solidus is a remarkable coin from the Byzantine Empire, bearing the likeness of Emperor Tiberius II Constantine on the obverse. The facing bust of the emperor portrays his regal countenance and serves as a testament to the power and authority he held during his reign. This beautifully crafted gold coin exemplifies the artistry and skill of the Byzantine minters, capturing the essence of the era.

On the reverse of the coin, an angel holding a P-cross takes center stage. The angel, a common motif in Byzantine coinage, symbolizes divine protection and guidance. The presence of the P-cross, a variant of the Christian cross, further emphasizes the Byzantine Empire's close ties to religion and its strong Christian identity. The intricate details and meticulous craftsmanship of the angel and the P-cross add depth and symbolism to this extraordinary coin.

Certified as Mint State with a 3/5 strike and 4/5 surface, this Maur. Tiberius Gold Solidus exemplifies the preservation and quality of Byzantine coinage. The coin's state of preservation speaks to its historical significance and the care taken to ensure its lasting beauty. Owning this coin provides a unique connection to the Byzantine Empire and allows collectors and enthusiasts to appreciate the art, culture, and religious symbolism of this fascinating era.

The Maur. Tiberius Gold Solidus serves as a tangible link to the Byzantine Empire's rich history and offers a glimpse into the world of emperors, angels, and the enduring power of faith. Its rarity, artistry, and historical significance make it a coveted piece among numismatic enthusiasts and a valuable addition to any collection.

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Maur. Tiberius | Gold Solidus | Mint State 3x4
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