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2021 | Morgan & Peace Dollar | 6-Coin Set

100th Anniversary Morgan & Peace Silver Dollar 6-Coin Sets
We have all six 2021 Morgan and Peace Silver Dollars available now in perfect Mint State 70 condition, each certified by NGC. To commemorate the 100-year anniversary of the only year both Morgan and Peace Dollars were issued, the US Mint gave the old silver dollars new life with modern technology, producing a far higher-quality coin with razor-sharp design details not possible 100 years ago. The result is a numismatic masterpiece that sold out in under 5 minutes on the US Mint Website. Today we have a limited amount of complete sets available while our supplies last.
Five Different Mint-Marks:
Five varieties of the 2021 Morgan Silver Dollars were issued, one to commemorate each of the five mints where the original Morgans were made. The Morgans from Philadelphia (no mint-mark), Denver (D mint-mark), San Francisco (S mint-mark) were all made at those branches as they still exist today. The Carson City and New Orleans branch mints were closed long ago, so their 2021 Morgans were struck at Philadelphia complete with the famous CC and O mint-marks (technically called privy-marks). The mintage of each Morgan Dollar was strictly limited to only 175,000 coins.  


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The Peace Silver Dollar was first issued in 1921, marking the 100th anniversary of the retirement of the Morgan Silver Dollar. One new Peace Dollar and five new Morgan Dollars with mint-marks honoring the Mint branches that struck the original coins from 1878 to 1935: Carson City (CC), New Orleans (O), San Francisco (S), Denver (D), and Philadelphia (no mint-mark) have been released by the U.S. Mint as part of a highly anticipated, limited-edition series.


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