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Pamphylia Wrestler | Silver Stater | CH-XF 5x3

Explore the captivating world of ancient coinage with the Pamphylia Aspendus Silver Stater, dating back to around 380-325 BC. This remarkable specimen has been certified by NGC in Choice Extremely Fine condition with a 5/5 strike rating, signifying the precision of the coin's design, and a 3/5 surface rating, revealing its historical journey.

On the obverse side of this coin, you'll encounter a fascinating portrayal of two wrestlers engaged in a gripping struggle. The intricate details and artistry in this depiction provide a window into the sporting culture of ancient Pamphylia.

Flipping the coin reveals the reverse, featuring the unique imagery of a slinger in action, accompanied by a triskeles, a motif consisting of three spiraled legs. This motif is both enigmatic and significant in the context of Pamphylian history.

Struck over 2,300 years ago the Pamphylia Aspendus Stater is not only a testament to the artistry of ancient coinage but also a captivating artifact that can transport you back in time to a region with its own unique stories and traditions. As you add this coin to your collection, you embrace a piece of Pamphylian history that has survived the ages, still whispering its tales of a bygone era.

Lovely coin and the one shown is the one you will receive.

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Pamphylia Wrestler | Silver Stater | CH-XF 5x3
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