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Pamphylia | Aspendus | Wrestler | Silver Stater | AU 4x2

Struck over 2,300 years ago, this bright and shiny silver stater depicts two Greek wrestlers on the obverse in lifelike form and an athlete on the back with a slingshot, along with lettering and the triskele symbol to the right.

The Pamphylia, Aspendus AR Stater, dating back to the period between 325-250 BC, stands as a testament to the remarkable craftsmanship and historical significance of ancient coinage. This stunning silver coin, with its captivating imagery and exceptional state of preservation, offers a window into the rich cultural and artistic heritage of the ancient city of Aspendus, located in modern-day Turkey.

Obverse Design - Wrestlers: On the obverse side of this remarkable AR Stater, we are presented with a vivid depiction of two wrestlers locked in a timeless struggle. Their finely detailed forms, frozen in the heat of competition, are a testament to the skill and artistry of the ancient engravers. The wrestlers' muscular bodies and intricate detailing reflect the importance of athletics in the ancient world, where physical prowess was celebrated and revered.

Reverse Design - Slinger and Horse Protome: Flipping the coin to its reverse side reveals a striking image of a slinger in action, with a horse protome positioned nearby. The slinger, poised to launch a stone from his sling, captures a moment of intense focus and precision. The presence of the horse protome adds a dynamic element to the composition, evoking a sense of movement and vitality. This combination of imagery may symbolize the importance of cavalry and ranged warfare in Aspendus's history, reflecting the military and strategic significance of the city.

Condition and Rarity: This particular Aspendus AR Stater is a numismatic treasure, boasting a remarkable condition. With a striking quality rated at 4/5 for the coin's overall strike and 2/5 for its surface condition, it still stands as a testament to the care taken in its production and preservation over the centuries. While not in pristine condition, it retains significant historical value and remains a valuable piece for collectors and historians eager to explore the world of ancient Pamphylia.

Historical Significance: Coins from Aspendus hold a unique place in the study of ancient history. Aspendus was an important city in Pamphylia, with a history dating back thousands of years. Its coinage provides valuable insights into the culture, politics, and economics of the region during the Hellenistic period. This AR Stater, with its wrestling and military imagery, offers a glimpse into the values and priorities of Aspendus during this time.

In conclusion, the Pamphylia, Aspendus AR Stater from c. 325-250 BC is a remarkable artifact that encapsulates the essence of an ancient civilization. Its superb craftsmanship, captivating imagery, and outstanding condition make it a prized addition to any numismatic collection, while also serving as a valuable historical resource for those eager to explore the world of ancient Pamphylia.

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Pamphylia | Aspendus | Wrestler | Silver Stater | AU 4x2
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