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Peace Silver Dollars - Brilliant Uncirculated Mint Rolls of 20 Coins

The US silver dollar was redesigned midway through 1921 employing the new Peace theme designed by medalist Anthony DeFrancisci.  Employing a fresh "art deco" design, Lady Liberty is facing left on the obverse with the date underneath.  The reverse has a perched eagle holding an olive branch perched atop a rock with "peace" inscribed, to commemorate the end of WWI. 

Like their Morgan predecessors, these coins contain .77345 ounces of pure silver and most survivors today have been heavily circulated.  Mint condition examples offer a great opportunity in the market today in our opinion, receiving added value from their high grade, age, and silver content.

Peace Dollars were issued at the Philadelphia mints along with Denver and San Francisco and were minted from 1921-1928, with 1934 and 1935 being the final issues.

Larger orders come packaged in mint rolls of twenty coins and if you're looking for a specific year or mint mark give us a call at 1-800-928-6468.

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Peace Silver Dollars Mint Rolls of 20 Coins

Peace Silver dollars are struck on coin blanks created of a mixture of 90% fine silver and 10% copper. The copper hardens the soft silver to prevent scratches and help the coins last longer in circulation. Peace Dollars contain .7734 Troy ounces of pure silver (24.0566 grams) with a gross weight of .859 Troy ounces (26.728 grams).

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